The Land of Fire and Ice Returns to Orbx

Orbx has announced the Iceland Demo is now available again. It has been patched up to its most recent version and is also available for Prerar3D v3.

The package covers the whole country and is designed to showcase Orbx’s FTX Global family of products: Base, openLC and Vector – the three layers which will upgrade your sim for the entire world with new superb FTX textures, worldwide landclass and OSM-derived vector to give you coastlines, roads, rivers, lakes and so much more.

Iceland is free and enables your explore at your leisure without any time limits. As a bonus, our partner PILOT’S have also included superb 10 m mesh for all of Iceland to showcase their FSGlobal 2010 FTX Edition also available as a download product for the first time. You have nothing to lose by trying what the FTX Global product family can do for your sim, and make sure you fly at dusk or night to see how the night lighting works without performance penalty.

• Totally FREE, no time limits
• Complete country of Iceland
• Includes all 3 FTX Global layers
• Includes FSGlobal 2010 Mesh
• Superb night lighting
• Uninstaller for easy demo removal
• Photoreal Reykjavik
• Works with FTX Global
• For FSX and Prepar3D Versions 1, 2 & 3

If you have openLC Europe installed, the Iceland Demo is included so you do not need to install this.

Click here for more information on the Orbx website

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