New Learjet Ready for Takeoff

Xtreme Prototypes has released the GLJ Model 25 Special Edition for FSX and Prepar3D.

The aircraft includes new high-resolution models and textures along with a redesigned virtual cockpit with 3D gauges, functional systems, new animations, sounds and a 160-page flight manual.

The systems are simulated to conform as closely as possible to the operation of the real aircraft, allowing you to perform procedures from cold and dark to shutdown.

New high-resolution 3D virtual cockpit has been redesigned with more than 1500 parts and 250 full-3D animated gauges, switches, levers, light indicators, flight instruments and systems with integrated tooltips. Nearly all the switches and knobs in the virtual cockpit are clickable and functional. The cockpit has also been retrofitted to allow for both GPS and VOR navigation.

Other features include a new 20 Series sound package with more than 30 additional cockpit sound effects for switches, knobs, levers, pneumatic valves, blower fan and audio alerts.

Visual effects include engine smoke and contrail effects, wing vortices and vapour trails.

• Flight controls
• Electrical system
• Hydraulic system
• Landing gear
• Fuel system
• CJ-610 Power plant
• Fire detection and suppression system
• Pneumatic (high pressure) and environmental control system
• Air conditioning and pressurization system
• Bleed air system
• Automatic flight control system (autopilot)
• Caution and warning system

The package includes ten high-resolution (4096 x 4096) texture variations and unique liveries including:
• American private “Red Belly” version (fictitious tail number N864XP)
• U.K. private “Blue Bird” version (fictitious tail number G-KEXP)
• Mexican private version (fictitious tail number XA-XPS)
• French private version (fictitious tail number F-GLXP)
• German private version (fictitious tail number D-XPSE)
• U.S. Air Force V.I.P transport version (fictitious tail number 60214XP)
• U.S. Special Ops Area 51 version (fictitious tail number N4251XP)
• Canadian government “Black” version (fictitious tail number 150018XP)
• Canadian private “Xtreme Red Bird” version (fictitious tail number C-GAXP)
• Rollout “unpainted” test version (fictitious tail number N486XP)

Click here for more information on Xtreme Prototype’s website

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