End of An Era: Last Ever VC10 Flight Completed

Alan Kenny was at Bruntingthorpe Airfield to witness the sad retirement of an iconic all-British aircraft. Words by Dave Allport.

ROYAL AIR Force/101 Squadron VC10 K3 ZA147 ‘F’, the last of the type airworthy anywhere in the world, completed its final on Wednesday 25th September. After being delayed by lingering fog, the aircraft finally took off from RAF Brize Norton, Oxfordshire, for Bruntingthorpe, Leicestershire, where it landed safely. The aircraft will now be reduced to scrap.

Group Captain Steve Lushington

Station Commander RAF Brize Norton

Former OC 101 Squadron

3,500 hours on VC10

Four tours on 101 Squadron

On landing ZA147 at Bruntingthorpe on September 25:

“It’s like putting on your favourite pair of shoes – it’s lovely. How do I feel? It’s very poignant – I feel very privileged. It’s an honour. I’m just delighted we’ve got the aircraft to Bruntingthorpe – this aircraft, ZA147, has such a fantastic history. It’s a world record holder, it’s been involved in operations around the globe. There were a few weepy eyes on the flight deck. But this should be a celebration of the VC10 – it’s an incredible aeroplane. Flying for 47 years – wow. It’s been involved in everything. In my retirement I’ll look back big a big smile and fond memories – I’ve been very lucky.”

The type is being replaced in RAF service by the new Voyager, provided by the Air Tanker consortium. Pending entry into service of the full complement of Voyagers, some of the VC10′s tasks are being undertaken by the RAF Tristars of 216 Squadron, which are also scheduled for retirement shortly. A tentative date of March 14, 2014, has been set for Tristar withdrawal, although this could be extended by up to six months.

One of the VC10 taskings most recently taken over temporarily by a Tristar is that of providing air-to-air refuelling support to the four Typhoon FGR4s of 1435 Flight at RAF Mount Pleasant in the Falkland Islands. No 1312 Flight at Mount Pleasant had previously operated a detached VC10 K3 for this role, but this has now been replaced by one of 216 Squadron’s Tristars from Brize Norton. Ultimately, it is planned to detach a Voyager to 1312 Flight, after the Tristar fleet is retired.

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QF-16 Completes 1st Pilotless Flight

The U.S. Air Force has completed the first unmanned QF-16 Full Scale Aerial Target flight.

Two U.S. Air Force test pilots in a ground control station remotely flew the QF-16, which is a retired F-16 jet modified to be an aerial target. The QF-16 mission profile included auto takeoff, a series of simulated manoeuvres, supersonic flight, and an auto land.

The flight initiates more operational evaluations, including a live fire test at Holloman Air Force Base, N.M. Both the Navy, Army and Air Force will ultimately use QF-16s for weapons testing and other training.

Boeing has modified six F-16s into the QF-16 configuration. Low-rate initial production is scheduled to begin in the fourth quarter, with first production deliveries in 2015.

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Jubliant Jersey’s Magic

With unfortunate cancellations due to the weather, the air display still went ahead. Bob Franklin attending the 2013 Jersey International Air Display. All images by the author.

The 2013 Jersey International Air Display was a success, but it wasn’t without some down sides too. Many of the aircraft that were due to participate, including the newly airworthy English Electric Canberra PR9 XH134, had to pull out at the last minute. This was either due to technical problems or the inclement weather. The air display organisers made a number of phone calls bring in other aircraft to fill the gaps.

There were a number of aircraft that were able to display and they entertained the crowds. There were displays from the Skyraider, RV8tors, PBY Catalina, Belgian Air Force F-16, SWIP aerobatic team, P-51 Mustang Ferocious Frankie, RAF Tucano, DH84 Dragon Rapide, Hawker Sea Fury, AAC Lynx, Swedish Air Force Heritage Flight and the Red Arrows. The highlight of the day for most was the Swedish Air Force Historic Flight with their Saab 37 Viggen and SK 60E, with a bonus of a Hawker Hunter, which replaced the J-29 Tunnan. The Hunter made a magical solo display.

Jersey International Air Display was awarded the Paul Bowen European Airshow Council Trophy.

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Textron Unveils ‘Scorpion’ Tactical Jet

Scorpion development started in January 2012. A demonstration aircraft is in the test phase with the first flight scheduled by the end of the year.

Cessna and Bell Helicopter parent company Textron and partner AirLand Enterprises unveiled a prototype intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance/strike aircraft called the “Scorpion” at the Air Force Association Air &Space Conference in National Harbor, Md..

The Scorpion is a all-composite design with a tandem cockpit, retractable sensor mounts, an internal weapons bay and wing-mounted hard points for external stores. It is powered by twin turbofans producing 8,000 pounds of thrust. Among specifications the companies list are a MTOW of 21,250 pounds, maximum speed of 450 ktas and 45,000 foot service ceiling.

The two companies—AirLand Enterprises is a small development firm that includes former Department of Defense executives as investors—have formed a joint venture called Textron AirLand to promote the Scorpion as an “affordable” tactical aircraft capable of performing “lower-threat” and homeland security missions. Its design is “well matched” to Air National Guard missions, including irregular warfare, border patrol, maritime surveillance, emergency relief, and counter-narcotics operations.

India to Buy Additional C-130Js

The Indian Defence Ministry has been given the go-ahead for the purchase of six more C-130J “Super Hercules” aircraft from the US.

The Defence Acquisition Council headed by Defence Minister A K Antony has approved a deal worth over Rs 4,000 crore. It will now go to Cabinet Committee on Security for the final approval.

The Indian Air Force already has six C-130J aircraft, which it acquired at a cost of around 1.06 billion USD and are deployed at its Hindon airbase.

The new aircraft will be located at Panagarh in West Bengal, which would be headquarters of the proposed Mountain Strike Corps of the army along the China border.

The purchase of six more aircraft will be through the foreign military sales route between India and the US governments.

SOS – New Book by Dino Marcellino

SOS: Italian Helicopter Rescue Operations from the Mediterranean Sea to Mont Blanc

The subject of Italian helicopter rescue is seldom covered, so one could say this title is somewhat specialist…but it also fills a gap in the market. This book explores all Italian military, government and civilian agencies that operate helicopters involved in rescue operations throughout Italy; the author has captured the challenging, dangerous yet rewarding work undertaken by these men and women on a daily basis.

The result is a beautiful book with stunning photography of the subject machines, combined with truly breath-taking scenery. It’s a must for any helicopter enthusiast or aficionado of Italian aviation.

Due December 2012, price €30 / £24.50.

Available to buy direct from the author. To pre-order this book please email your name and address to; dino.marcellino@live.it . You will then be advised on postage and payment details.

Czech Defence Ministry to Extend JAS Gripen Lease

The Swedish Defence and Security Export Agency has announced the Czech Republis has decided to extend the lease of 14 JAS Gripens for another 14 years.

According to Czech Defence Minister Vlastimil Picek the Czech Republic has tentatively negotiated an extension to the lease and the ministry would prepare an amendment to the existing contract by December before the final decision would be made by a new cabinet after the election on Oct. 25-26.

Picek said negotiators had agreed a discount of 32 percent for the lease of the 14 aircraft on a 10-year contract from 2004 which was valued at US$1.01 billion.

The Czechs Republic has been facing a shrinking military budget and in July the ministry announced it would look for a new supplier of fighters if a deal with Sweden could not be reached.

The Czech Republic has slashed its military spending to around a half of NATO’s recommended 2 percent of GDP. In the political debate on whether to extend the lease, some had proposed giving up supersonic military aircraft altogether.

The aircraft will also receive equipment upgrades which includes air-to-air as well as air-to-ground combat capabilities.


Royal Navy Air Squadron to be Reformed

The 809 Naval Air Squadron is to be resurrected as the first Royal Navy unit to fly the Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter.

The fifth-generation stealth aircraft will be operated from the Royal Navy’s Queen Elizabeth Class carriers that are due to enter service in 2018.

The Chief of the Air Staff announced earlier this year that the 617 ‘Dambusters’ Squadron would be the first RAF squadron to fly the jets.

The F-35s will be jointly operated by the Fleet Air Arm and the Royal Air Force; pilots from both services are currently in training on the aircraft alongside the US Marine Corps at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida.

The 809 Naval Air Squadron was last reformed to support operations in the Falkland Islands and the squadron also flew the Navy’s last Buccaneer in the 1960s and 1970s.

When not at sea as, the squadron will be based at RAF Marham, Norfolk.

Source Ministry of Defence

Osprey Completes Refueling Flight Test

The Bell Boeing V-22 Program has successfully completed an initial test of the V-22 Osprey performing as an aerial refueling tanker.

Adding this capability to the tiltrotor aircraft would further advance its versatility in combat, humanitarian and ship-based operations.

The August demonstration took place over north Texas where a V-22 equipped with a prototype aerial refueling system safely deployed, held stable, and retracted the refueling drogue as an F/A-18C and an F/A-18D Hornet flew just behind and to the side of the aircraft.

Future Bell Boeing tests will put aircraft in a fuel-receiving position directly behind the V-22, connect receiver aircraft with the refueling drogue and, ultimately, refuel a variety of aircraft in flight.

Army National Guard Flying Units 2013

Below is a list of all US Army National Guard Flying Units as detailed in October’s issue of AirForces Monthly (see page 96). Compiled by Tom Kaminski.

Alabama ARNG

AASF #1 Montgomery Regional AP/Dannelly Field, Hope Hull

A/1-131st AVN (ASLT) UH-60A

OSACOM Det. 5 C-12U

AASF #2 Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport

B(-)/1-169th AVN (HH) CH-47F

Det. 1 A /1-114th AVN (S&S) UH-72A

AASF #3 Mobile Regional Airport/Bates Field

B/1-131st AVN (ASLT) UH-60A

Alaska ARNG

AASF Bryant AHP, JB Elmendorf-Richardson, Anchorage

A(-)/1-207th AVN (ASLT) UH-60L

B(-)/1-207th AVN (ASLT) UH-60L

F/207th AVN (TA) (see Note 1) C-23C

OSACOM Det. 54 C-12U

AAOF #1 Nome Airport

Det. 1 C/1-207th AVN (ASLT) UH-60L

AAOF #2 Bethel Airport

Det. 1 A/1-207th AVN (ASLT) UH-60L

AAOF #3 Juneau International Airport

Det. 1 B/1-207th AVN (ASLT) UH-60L

Arizona ARNG

AASF #1 Papago AAF, Phoenix

A/2-285th AVN (ASLT) UH-60A

Det. 1 C/5-159th AVN (AA) UH-60A

AASF #2 Silver Bell AHP/Pinal Airpark, Marana

A/1-285th AVN (AR) AH-64D (Block I)

B/1-285th AVN (AR) AH-64D (Block I)

C/1-285th AVN (AR) AH-64D (Block I)

Det. 1 C/3-140th AVN (S&S) OH-58A+


Sky Harbor International Airport, Phoenix

OSACOM Det. 31 C-12V

Arkansas ARNG

AASF Camp Robinson AAF, North Little Rock

A(-)/1-114th AVN (S&S) UH-72A

B/1-185th AVN (ASLT) UH-60A

C(-)/1-185th AVN (ASLT) UH-60A

Det. 1 F/2-238th AVN (AA) UH-60A

OSACOM Det. 30 C-26E

California ARNG

AASF #1 JFTB Los Alamitos AAF

A(-)/1-140th AVN (ASLT) UH-60L

B/1-140th AVN (ASLT) UH-60A

Det. 1 A/3-140th AVN (S&S) UH-72A

AASF #2 Stockton Metropolitan Airport

B/1-126th AVN (HH) CH-47D

A(-)/3-140th AVN (S&S) UH-72A

AASF #3 Sacramento Mather Airport

C(-)/1-168th AVN (AA) UH-60A/L, HH-60L

Det. 1 F/2-135th AVN (AA) UH-60A

Det. 2 D/3-140th AVN (AA) UH-72A

OSACOM Det. 32 C-12U

AAFA Fresno-Yosemite International Airport

1106th TASMG UH-60A, OH-58C

Det. 1 I/185th AVN (TA) (see Note 1) C-23C

AAFOB NAS North Island

Det. 2 A/3-140th AVN (S&S) UH-72A

Colorado ARNG

AASF #1 Buckley AFB, Aurora

A/2-135th AVN (CMD) UH-60A

Det. 1 G/2-135th AVN (AA) UH-60A

Det. 1 B/2-135th AVN (HH) (see Note 2) CH-47D

B(-)/3-140th AVN (S&S) OH-58A+

D(-)/3-140th AVN (AA) UH-72A

OSACOM Det. 33 C-26E

AASF #2 Eagle County Regional Airport, Gypsum

HAATS OH-58A+, UH-60A, CH-47D

Connecticut ARNG

AASF Bradley International Airport, Windsor Locks

C(-)/3-142d AVN (ASLT) UH-60A

Det. 1 B/2-104th AVN (HH) CH-47F

OSACOM Det. 6 C-12U

Groton-New London Airport

1109th TASMG OH-58A, UH-60A

Det. 2 I/185th AVN (TA) (see Note 1) C-23C

Delaware ARNG

AASF New Castle County Airport

Det. 1 F/1-126th AVN (AA) UH-60A

A/3-238th AVN (CMD) UH-60A/L

OSACOM Det. 7 C-12U

District of Columbia ARNG

AASF Davison AAF, Fort Belvoir, Virginia

OSACOM Det. 4 C-26E


D(-)/1-224th AVN (AA) UH-72A

Det. 1 B/1-224th AVN (S&S) UH-72A

Florida ARNG

AASF #1 Cecil Field Airport, Jacksonville

Det. 1 B/1-111th AVN (HH) CH-47D

C(-)/1-111th AVN (AA) HH-60M

B(-)/2-151st AVN (S&S) UH-72A

AASF #2 Hernando County Airport, Brooksville

C/1-244th AVN (ASLT) UH-60L

Det. 1 H/171st AVN (TA) (see Note 3) (C-23C)

Northeast Florida Regional Airport, St. Augustine

OSACOM Det. 8 C-12U

Georgia ARNG

AASF #1 Barrow County Airport, Winder

Det. 1 C/1-185th AVN (ASLT) UH-60L

AASF #2 Dobbins ARB, Marrietta

A/1-171st AVN (CMD) UH-60L

OSACOM Det. 9 C-26E

Clay National Guard Center, Marietta

Det. 1 C/2-151st AVN (S&S) UH-72A

Det. 2 C/1-169th AVN (AA) HH-60L

Det. 1 C/1-111th AVN (AA) HH-60M

AASF #3 Hunter AAF, Savannah

Det. 1 B/1-169th AVN (HH) CH-47F

AFWSA Robins AFB, Warner Robins

H(-)/171st AVN (TA) (C-23C)

Hawaii ARNG

AASF #1 Wheeler AAF, Oahu (to Barbers 2013)

B/1-171st AVN (HH) CH-47F

OSACOM Det. 55 C-26E

AASF #2 Hilo International Airport (General Lyman Field)

C(-)/1-207th AVN (ASLT) UH-60M

Det. 2 B/3-140th AVN (S&S) UH-72A

Idaho ARNG

AASF Boise Airport – Gowen Field

A/1-183rd AVN (AR) AH-64D (Block II)

B/1-183rd AVN (AR) AH-64D (Block II)

C/1-183rd AVN (AR) AH-64D (Block II)

A/1-168th AVN (CMD) UH-60A

Det. 2 D/1-112th AVN (S&S) UH-72A

OSACOM Det. 35 C-12U

Illinois ARNG

AASF #1 Decatur Airport

A(-)/1-106th AVN (ASLT) UH-60A/L

OSACOM Det. 36 C-12U

Det. 1 B/1-376th AVN (S&S) OH-58A+

AASF #2 Midway International Airport, Chicago

B/1-106th AVN (ASLT) UH-60A/L

AASF #3 General Wayne A. Downing Peoria International Airport

B(-)2/-238th AVN (HH) CH-47D

Indiana ARNG

AASF #1 Shelbyville Municipal Airport

A/2-238th AVN (CMD) UH-60A

C/1-137th AVN (ASLT) UH-60A/L

C(-)/2-238th AVN (AA) UH-60A

LAASF Gary/Chicago International Airport

Det. 1 C/1-376th AVN (S&S) OH-58A+

AASF #2 Indianapolis International Airport

OSACOM Det. 10 C-12U

Det. 3 D/126th AVN (TA) (C-23C)


AASF #1 Boone Municipal Airport

C/2-147th AVN (ASLT) UH-60A/L

AASF #2 Waterloo Regional Airport

Det. 1 C/2-211th AVN (AA) UH-60A

Det. 1 A/1-376th AVN (S&S) OH-58A+

AASF #3 Davenport Municipal Airport

B(-)/2-211th AVN (HH) (see Note 1) CH-47F

Det. 2 A/1-376th AVN (S&S) UH-72A

Ankeny Regional Airport

OSACOM Det. 34 C-12U

Kansas ARNG

AASF #1 Forbes Field Airport, Topeka

A/1-108th AVN (ASLT) UH-60A

OSACOM Det. 37 C-12U

G(-)/2-135th AVN (AA) UH-60A

AASF #2 Salina Municipal Airport

B(-)/1-108th AVN (ASLT) UH-60A

Det. 2 C/2-211th AVN (AA) UH-60A

Kentucky ARNG

AASF Boone National Guard Center, Capital City Airport, Frankfort

B/2-147th AVN (ASLT) UH-60L

C(-)/1-376th AVN (S&S) OH-58A+

OSACOM Det. 11 C-12U

Det. 3 H/171st AVN (TA) (see Note 3) (C-23D)

Det.1 C/2-238th AVN (AA) UH-60L

Louisiana ARNG

AASF #1 Hammond Northshore Regional Airport

OSACOM Det. 38 C-12U

A/1-244th AVN (ASLT) UH-60A/L

B(-)/1-244th AVN (ASLT) (see Note 4) UH-60A/L/M

Det. 1 D/2-151st AVN (AA) UH-72A

AASF #2 Esler Regional Airport, Pineville

Det. 1 C/1-114th AVN (S&S) UH-72A

Det. 1 D/1-114th AVN (S&S) UH-72A

Det. 1 B/1-244th AVN (ASLT) (see Note 4) UH-60L/M

F(-)/2-135th AVN (AA) UH-60L

Maine ARNG

AASF Bangor International Airport

C/1-126th AVN (AA) UH-60A

Det. 1 C/3-142d AVN (ASLT) UH-60A

OSACOM Det. 14 C-12U

Det. 2 C/1-224th AVN (S&S) UH-72A

Maryland ARNG

AASF Weide AHP, Aberdeen Proving Grounds

C/2-224th AVN (ASLT) UH-60A/L

C(-)/1-169th AVN (AA) UH-60A

B(-)/3-126th AVN (HH) CH-47D

A(-)/1-224th AVN (S&S) UH-72A

Phillips AAF, Aberdeen Proving Grounds

OSACOM Det. 13 C-12U

Massachusetts ARNG

AASF #1 JB Cape Cod/Camp Edwards, Falmouth

A/3-126th AVN (CMD) UH-60A

OSACOM Det. 12 C-26E

AASF #2 Westfield Barnes Airport, Westfield

Det. 1 C/3-126th AVN (AA) HH-60M

Det. 1 C/1-224th AVN (S&S) OH-58A+

Michigan ARNG

AASF #1 Abrams Municipal Airport, Grand Ledge

B/1-147th AVN ASLT) UH-60M

C(-)/1-147th AVN (ASLT) UH-60M

Det. 1 C/3-238th AVN (AA) UH-60A

B(-)/1-112th AVN (S&S) UH-72A

AASF #2 Selfridge ANGB

Det. 1 B/3-238th AVN (HH) (see Note 2) CH-47D

Capital City Airport, Lansing

OSACOM Det. 15 C-12D

Minnesota ARNG

AASF #1 St Paul Downtown Airport – Holman Field

A/2-147th AVN (ASLT) UH-60A

OSACOM Det. 39 C-12U

AASF #2 St Cloud Regional Airport

Det. 1 C/1-171st AVN (AA) UH-60A

Det. 1 B/2-211th AVN (HH) (see Note 1) CH-47F

C(-)/2-211th AVN (AA) UH-60A

Mississippi ARNG

AASF #1 Hawkins Field Airport, Jackson

A/1-185th AVN (ASLT) UH-60A

OSACOM Det. 16 C-12V

F(-)/1-171st AVN (AA) UH-60A

AASF #2 Tupelo Regional Airport – C.D.Lemmons Field

A/1-149th AVN (AR) AH-64D

D(-)/2-151st AVN (AA) UH-72A

C(-)/1-114th AVN (S&S) UH-72A

AASF #3 Meridian Regional Airport-Key Field

B(-)/1-111th AVN (HH) CH-47D

Gulfport-Biloxi International Airport

1108th TASMG UH-60A

I(-)/185th AVN (TA) (see Note 1) (C-23C)

Camp Shelby


Missouri ARNG

AASF #1 Whiteman AFB

A/1-135th AVN (AR) AH-64D (Block II)

B/1-135th AVN (AR) AH-64D (Block II)

C/1-135th AVN (AR) AH-64D (Block II)

AASF #2 Waynesville-St. Robert Regional Airport – Fourney Field, Fort Leonard Wood

C/1-106th AVN (ASLT) UH-60A

AAFA #3 Springfield-Branson National Airport

1107th TASMG UH-60A

Det. 3 I/185th AVN (TA) (see Note 1) (C-23C)

Det. 3 F/1-169th AVN (AA) UH-60A

Jefferson City Memorial Airport

OSACOM Det. 40 C-12U

B(-)/1-376th AVN (S&S) OH-58A+

Montana ARNG

AASF Helena Regional Airport

A/1-189th AVN (CMD) UH-60A

Det. 1 B/1-189th AVN (HH) CH-47D

Det. 1 C/1-189th AVN (AA) UH-60A

OSACOM Det. 41 C-12V

Det. C/1-112th AVN (S&S) OH-58A+

Det. 3 A/1-112th AVN (S&S)

Nebraska ARNG

AASF #1 Lincoln Airport

C(-)/2-135th AVN (AA) UH-60A

OSACOM Det. 43 C-12U

Det. 1 D/1-376th AVN (S&S) UH-72A

AASF #2 Central Nebraska Regional Airport, Grand Island

A(-)/1-376th AVN (S&S) OH-58A+

D(-)/1-376th AVN (S&S) UH-72A

B(-)/2-135th AVN (HH) (see Note 1) CH-47D

Nevada ARNG

AASF Reno-Stead Airport

Det.1 B/3-140th AVN (S&S) OH-58A+

Det 1 C/1-168th AVN (AA) UH-60A/L

B(-)/1-189th AVN (HH) CH-47D

OSACOM Det. 45 C-12U

Det. 1 D/3-140th AVN (AA) UH-72A

New Hampshire ARNG

AASF State Military Reservation, Concord Municipal Airport

C(-)/3-238th AVN (AA) UH-60A

OSACOM Det. 18 C-12U

Det. 2 F/1-169th AVN (AA) UH-60A

New Jersey ARNG

AASF #1 JB McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst A/1-150th AVN (ASLT) UH-60A/L

A/2-104th AVN (CMD) UH-60A/L

AASF #2 Mercer Airport, West Trenton C(-)/1-224th AVN (S&S) OH-58A+

OSACOM Det. 19 C-12D

New Mexico ARNG

AASF Santa Fe Municipal Airport

C(-)/1-171st AVN (AA) UH-60A

OSACOM Det. 44 C-12V

AAFA Las Cruces International Airport

C(-)/3-140th AVN (S&S) UH-72A

New York ARNG

AASF #1 Long Island MacArthur Airport, Ronkonkoma

B/3-142nd AVN (ASLT) UH-60A/L

AASF #2 Greater Rochester International Airport

F(-) 1-169th AVN (AA) UH-60A

Det. 1 B/3-126th AVN (HH) CH-47D

AASF #3 Albany International Airport, Latham

A/3-142nd AVN (ASLT) UH-60L

Det. 1 A/1-224th AVN (S&S) UH-72A

OSACOM Det. 20 C-12U

North Carolina ARNG

AASF #1 Raleigh-Durham International Airport, Morrisville

A/1-130th AVN (AR) AH-64D (Block II)

B/1-130th AVN (AR) AH-64D (Block II)

C/1-130th AVN (AR) AH-64D (Block II)

OSACOM Det. 17 C-26E

Det. 1 B/2-151st AVN (S&S) UH-72A

AASF #2 Rowan County Airport, Salisbury

C/1-131st AVN (ASLT) UH-60L

North Dakota ARNG

AASF Bismarck Municipal Airport

A(-)/1-112th AVN (S&S) UH-72A

OSACOM Det. 42 C-12U

C(-)/2-285th AVN (ASLT) UH-60A

Hector International Airport, Fargo



AASF #1 Akron-Canton Regional Airport, North Canton

B(-)/3-238th AVN (HH) (see Note 1) CH-47D

Det. 2 B/1-112th AVN (S&S) OH-58A+

Det. 1 D/1-376th AVN (AA) UH-72A

AASF #2 Rickenbacker International Airport, Columbus

A/1-137th AVN (ASLT) UH-60A

B/1-137th AVN (ASLT) UH-60A

OSACOM Det. 21 C-26E

Oklahoma ARNG

AASF #1 General Muldrow AHP, Lexington

Det. 1 C/2-149th AVN (AA) UH-60A

Det. 1 B/2-149th AVN (HH) CH-47D

AASF #2 Tulsa International Airport

B/2-285th AVN (ASLT) UH-60A/L

Will Rogers ANGB/World Airport, Oklahoma City

Det. 1 A/641st AVN (TA) (see Note 3) (C-23C)

Det. 2 C/3-140th AVN (S&S) UH-72A

OSACOM Det. 46 C-12U

Oregon ARNG

AASF #1 Salem Municipal Airport – McNary Field

C/7-158th AVN (AA) HH-60M

OSACOM Det. 47 C-12U

Det. 1 A/1-112th AVN (S&S) OH-58A+

Det. 1 C/1-112th AVN (S&S) UH-72A

AASF #2 Eastern Oregon Regional Airport, Pendleton

Det. 1 B/1-168th AVN (HH) CH-47D

Portland International Airport/ANGB

A(-)/641st AVN (TA) (see Note 3) (C-23C)

Pennsylvania ARNG

AASF #1 Muir AAF – Fort Indiantown Gap


B/1-104th AVN (AR) AH-64D (Block II)

B/1-150th AVN (ASLT) UH-60A/L

OSACOM Det. 22 C-12U

Det. 1, D/126th AVN (TA) (see Note 3) (C-23C)

B(-)/2-104th AVN (HH) CH-47F

Det. 2 B/1-224th AVN (S&S) OH-58A+

Det. 1 F/1-169th AVN (AA) UH-60A

AASF #2 John Murtha Johnstown-Cambria County Airport

A/1-104th AVN (AR) AH-64D (Block II)

C/1-104th AVN (AR) AH-64D (Block II)

Det. 1 C/2-104th AVN (AA) UH-60A

Puerto Rico ARNG

AASF Isla Grande Airport, San Juan

A/1-111th AVN (CMD) UH-60A

OSACOM Det. 56 C-12U

Det. 1 B/1-114th AVN (S&S) UH-72A

D(-)/2-151st AVN (AA) UH-72A

Rhode Island ARNG

AASF Quonset State Airport, North Kingston

F(-)/1-126th AVN (AA) UH-60A

A/1-126th AVN (CMD) UH-60A

OSACOM Det. 23 C-12D

D(-)/126th AVN (TA) (see Note 3) (C-23C)

South Carolina ARNG

AASF McEntire JNGS, Eastover

A/1-151st AVN (AR) AH-64D (Block I)

B/1-151st AVN (AR) AH-64D (Block I)

C/1-151st AVN (AR) AH-64D (Block I)

A/2-149th AVN (CMD) UH-60L

OSACOM Det. 24 C-26E

A(-)/2-151st AVN (S&S) (see Note 5) UH-72A

Det. 1 B/2-238th AVN (HH) (see Note 5) CH-47D

South Dakota ARNG

AASF Rapid City Regional Airport

C(-)/1-189th AVN (AA) UH-60A/L

OSACOM Det. 48 C-12U

Det. 3 A/249th AVN (TA) (see Note 3) (C-23C)

Det.1 B/1-112th AVN (S&S) UH-72A

D(-)/1-112th AVN (S&S) UH-72A

Tennessee ARNG

AASF #1 Grubbs Kyle Armory Smyrna/Rutherford County Airport

D/1-230th CAV (ASLT) UH-60A

OSACOM Det. 25 C-12U

Det. 1 C/1-169th AVN (AA) HH-60A/L

C(-)/2-151stAVN (S&S) UH-72A

AASF #2 McGhee Tyson Airport, Alcoa/Knoxville

B/1-230th CAV (AR) OH-58D

C/1-230th CAV (AR) OH-58D

AASF #3 McKellar-Sipes Regional Airport, Jackson

A/1-230th CAV (AR) OH-58D

Texas ARNG

AASF #1 Austin-Bergstrom International Airport

Det. 1 B/1-108th AVN (ASLT) UH-60L

C/1-108th AVN (ASLT) UH-60L

Det. 2 H/171st AVN (TA) (See Note 1) (C-23C)

OSACOM Det. 49 C-12U

B(-)/1-114th AVN (S&S) UH-72A

AASF #2 Martindale AHP, San Antonio

C(-)/2-149th AVN (AA) UH-60L

Det. 1 F/1-171st AVN (AA) UH-60A

AASF #3 Grand Prairie AAF

B(-)/2-149th AVN (HH) CH-47D

AASF #4 Ellington Field JRB/Airport, Houston

B/1-149th AVN (AR) AH-64D (Block II)

C/1-149th AVN (AR) AH-64D (Block II)


AASF South Valley Regional Airport, West Jordan

A/1-211th AVN (AR) AH-64D (Block I)

B/1-211th AVN (AR) AH-64D (Block I)

C/1-211th AVN (AR) AH-64D (Block I)

A/2-211th AVN (CMD) UH-60L

OSACOM Det. 50 C-12U

Det. 1 C/2-285th AVN (ASLT) UH-60A

Det. 2 C/1-171st AVN (AA) UH-60A

Det. 2 B/1-112th AVN (S&S) UH-72A

Vermont ARNG

AASF Burlington International Airport, South Burlington

OSACOM Det. 27 C-12D

C(-)/3-126th AVN (AA) HH-60M

Det. 2 A/1-224th AVN (S&S) OH-58A+

Det. 1 D/1-224th AVN (AA) UH-72A

Virginia ARNG

AASF Richmond International Airport, Sandston

A/2-224th AVN (ASLT) UH-60L

B/2-224th AVN (ASLT) UH-60L

OSACOM Det. 26 C-12U

Det. 1 A/2-151st (S&S) UH-72A

Det. 2 G/2-135th (AA) UH-60L

Virgin Islands ARNG

AAOF Henry E.Rohlsen Airport, St Croix, USVI

Det. 2 D/126th AVN (TA) (see Note 1) C-23C

Det. 1 D/2-151st AVN (AA) UH-72A

Washington ARNG

AASF #1 Gray AAF, Fort Lewis

B(-)/1-168th AVN (HH) CH-47D

OSACOM Det. 51 C-12V

Det. 2 A/249th AVN (TA) (see Note 3) (C-23C)

C(-)/1-112th AVN (S&S) OH-58A+

C(-)/1-140th AVN (ASLT) UH-60A

LAASF #2 Fairchild AFB, Spokane

Det. 1 A/1-140th AVN (ASLT) UH-60A

West Virginia ARNG

AASF #1 Parkersburg/Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Airport, Williamstown

C(-)/2-104th AVN (AA) HH-60L, HH-60A

B(-)/1-224th AVN (S&S) OH-58A+

OSACOM Det. 28 C-12U

AASF #2 Wheeling-Ohio County Airport

C/1-150th AVN (ASLT) UH-60L

AAFA North Central West Virginia Airport, Bridgeport

FWAATS (see Note 3) C-12U, C-23C/D, C-26E, King Air 300

Wisconsin ARNG

AASF #1 West Bend Municipal Airport

Det. 1 C/2-135th AVN (AA) UH-60A

F(-)/2-238th AVN (AA) UH-60A

AASF #2 Dane County Regional Airport-Truax Field, Madison

A/1-147th AVN (ASLT) UH-60M

Det. 1 C/1-147th AVN (ASLT) UH-60M

Det. 1 D/1-112th AVN (SSB) UH-72A

OSACOM Det. 52 C-26E

Wyoming ARNG

AASF F.E. Warren AFB C(-)/5-159th AVN (AA) UH-60A

OSACOM Det. 53 C-12U


1. C-23 to be retired.

2. Unit will transition to the CH-47F during 2013.

3. C-23s moved to storage at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, pending formal retirment.

4. Unit is currently undergoing transition to the UH-60M.

5. Unit will relocate to a new Army Aviation Support Facility at South Carolina Technology & Aviation Center in Greenville in late 2013.

US Army Reserve Command Flying Units – 2013


ASF Rucker, Cairns AAF, Fort Rucker

Det. 1 B/2-228th AVN (TA) C-12V


JFTB Los Alamitos

C(-)/6-52d AVN (TA) C-12V

A/2-238th AVN (CMD) UH-60L


ASF Carson, Butts AAF, Fort Carson

Det. 1 F/7-158th AVN (AA) HH-60M


ASF Clearwater, St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport

A/5-159th AVN (CMD) UH-60L

F/5-159th AVN (AA) HH-60L


ASF Dobbins ARB

B(-)/2-228th AVN (TA) UC-35A/B

USAJTD (see Note1) UC-35A/B


ASF Olathe, New Century AirCenter, Olathe

B/7-158th AVN (HH) CH-47D


ASF Knox, Godman AAF, Fort Knox

A/8-229th AVN (AR) AH-64D (Block I)

B/8-229th AVN (AR) AH-64D (Block I)

C/8-229th AVN (AR) AH-64D (Block I)

Det. 1 B/6-52d AVN (TA) C-12V

Det. 1 F/1-214th AVN (AA) HH-60M

New Jersey

JB McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst

A(-)/2-228th AVN (TA) C-12V

North Carolina

ASF Bragg, Simmons AAF, Fort Bragg

C/2-228th AVN (TA) C-12V

A/1-169th AVN (CMD) UH-60L


ASF Johnstown, John Murtha Johnstown Cambria County Airport

Det. 1 A/2-228th AVN (TA) C-12V

F(-)/1-214th AVN (AA) HH-60M


ASF Conroe, Lonestar Executive Airport, Conroe

A/1-158th AVN (AR) AH-64D (Block I)

B/1-158th AVN (AR) AH-64D (Block I)

C/1-158th AVN (AR) AH-64D (Block I)

ASF Hood AAF, Fort Hood, Texas

A/7-158th AVN (CMD) UH-60L

ASF Hood, Robert Gray AAF, Fort Hood

Det. 1 C/6-52d AVN UC-35A

NAS JRB Fort Worth/Carswell Field

CSAC/339th MI CO C-12V

ASF NAS Kingsville

F(-)/7-158th AVN (AA) HH-60M


ASF Eustis, Felker AAF, Fort Eustis

B/5-159th AVN (HH) CH-47D


ASF Lewis, Gray AAF, Fort Lewis

B/1-214th AVN (HH) CH-47D

Det. 1 C/2-228th AVN (TA) UC-35A


ASF McCoy AAF, Fort McCoy

B(-)/6-52d AVN (TA) C-12V


1. Detachment utilizes aircraft assigned to co-located B(-)/2-228th AVN.


AA Air Ambulance

AAF Army Airfield

AAFA Army Aviation Flight Activity

AAFOB Army Aviation Forward Operating Base

AAOF Army Aviation Operating Facility

AASF Army Aviation Support Facility

AFWSA Army Fixed Wing Support Activity

AHP Army Heliport

ANGB/S Air National Guard Base/Station

AOB Air Operations Battalion

AR Attack Reconnaissance

ARB Air Reserve Base

ARNG Army National Guard

ASB Aviation Support Battalion

ASF Aviation Support Facility

ASLT Assault Helicopter Company

AVN Aviation

CAV Cavalry Squadron

CGAS Coast Guard Air Station

CMD Command Aviation Company

CSAC Corps Support Aviation Company

Det. Detachment

EAATS Eastern ARNG Aviation Training Site

FWAATS Fixed Wing Aviation Training Site

GS General Support Aviation Company

HAATS High Altitude ARNG Training Site

HH Heavy Helicopter Company

HHC Headquarters & Headquarters Company

JB Joint Base

JFTB/C Joint Forces Training Base/Center

JNGS Joint National Guard Station

JRB Joint Reserve Base

MEDCO Medical Company

MI CO Military Intelligence Company

NAS Naval Station

OSACOM Operational Support Airlift Command

S&S Security & Surveillance Company

TA Theater Aviation Company

TASMG Theater Aviation Sustainment Maintenance Group

TASS BN Total Army School System Battalion

WAATS Western ARNG Aviation Training Site

Reserve Component Battalion ‘War-Trace’

US Army Forces Command (FORSCOM) – Fort Bragg, North Carolina

Command/Unit Location

1-230th ACS AASF Smyrna Airport, Tennessee

28th Infantry Division (Mechanized) Fort Indiantown Gap, Anneville, Pennsylvania

28th CAB (ARNG) AASF Muir AAF, Fort Indiantown Gap, Pennsylvania

1-151st AVN (ARB) (ARNG) AASF McEntire JNGS, Eastover, South Carolina

2-104th AVN (GSAB) (ARNG) AASF Muir AAF, Fort Indiantown Gap, Pennsylvania

1-150th AVN (AHB) (ARNG) AASF JB McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, New Jersey

1-158th AVN (ARB) (USARC) ASF Conroe, Lonestar Executive Airport, Conroe, Texas

29th Infantry Division (Mechanized) Fort Belvoir, Virginia

29th CAB (ARNG) State Armory Edgewood Arsenal, Maryland

1-285th AVN (ARB) (ARNG) AASF Silver Bell AHP/Pinal Airpark, Marana, Arizona

1-111th AVN (GSAB) (ARNG) AASF Cecil Field Airport, Jacksonville, Florida

2-224th AVN (AHB) (ARNG) AASF Richmond International Airport, Sandston, Virginia

8-229th AVN (ARB) (USARC) ASF Knox, Godman AAF, Fort Knox, Kentucky

34th Infantry Division State Armory, St. Paul, Minnesota

34th CAB (ARNG) AASF St. Paul Downtown Airport/Holman Field, Minnesota

1-183d AVN (ARB) (ARNG) AASF Boise Airport-Gowen Field, Idaho

1-189th AVN (GSAB) (ARNG) AASF Helena Regional County Airport, Montana

2-147th AVN (AHB) (ARNG) AASF St. Paul Downtown/Holman Field Airport, Minnesota

1-112th AVN (SSB) (ARNG) AASF Bismarck Municipal Airport, North Dakota

35th Infantry Division Fort Leavenworth, Kansas

35th CAB (ARNG) State Armory, Sedalia, Missouri

1-135th AVN (ARB) (ARNG) AASF Whiteman AFB, Missouri

1-108th AVN (AHB) (ARNG) AASF Forbes Field, Topeka, Kansas

2-211th AVN (GSAB) (ARNG) AASF Salt Lake City Municipal Airport, Utah

1-376th AVN (SSB) (ARNG) AASF Grand Island Central Nebraska Regional Airport, Nebraska

36th Infantry Division Camp Mabry, Austin, Texas

36th CAB (ARNG) AASF Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, Texas

1-149th AVN (ARB) (ARNG) AASF Ellington Field, Houston, Texas

1-185th AVN (AHB) (ARNG) AASF Jackson-Evers International Airport, Hawkins Field Airport, Mississippi

2-149th AVN (GSAB) (ARNG) AASF Grand Prairie AAF, Texas

1-114th AVN (SSB) (ARNG) AASF Camp Robinson, AAF, North Little Rock, Arkansas

38th Infantry Division State Armory, Indianapolis, Indiana

38th CAB (ARNG) AASF Shelbyville Municipal Airport, Indiana

1-130th AVN (ARB) (ARNG) AASF Raleigh-Durham International Airport, North Carolina

1-137th AVN (AHB) (ARNG) AASF Rickenbacker International Airport Columbus, Ohio

3-238th AVN (GSAB) (ARNG) AASF Abrams Municipal Airport, Grand Ledge, Michigan

2-151st AVN (SSB) (ARNG) AASF McEntire JNGS, Eastover, South Carolina

40th Infantry Division JFTB Los Alamitos, California

40th CAB (ARNG) AASF Fresno-Yosemite International Airport, California

1-211th AVN (ARB) (ARNG) AASF South Valley Regional Airport, West Jordan, Utah

1-140th AVN (AHB) (ARNG) AASF JFTB Los Alamitos AAF, California

1-168th AVN (GSAB) (ARNG) AASF Gray AAF, JB Lewis-McChord, Washington

3-140th AVN (SSB) (ARNG) AASF Stockton, Metropolitan Airport, California

42d Infantry Division State Armory, Troy, New York

42d CAB (ARNG) Albany International Airport, Latham, New York

1-104th AVN (ARB) (ARNG) AASF John Murtha Johnstown-Cambria County Airport, Pennsylvania

3-126th AVN (GSAB) (ARNG) AASF Cape Cod CGAS, Falmouth, Massachusetts

3-142nd AVN (AHB) (ARNG) AASF Albany International Airport, Latham, New York

1-224th AVN (SSB) (ARNG) AASF Weide AHP, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland

63d Theater Aviation Brigade (ARNG) (see Note 1) Boone ARNG Center, Frankfort, Kentucky

2-135th AVN (GSAB) (ARNG) AASF Buckley AFB, Aurora, Colorado

2-641st AVN (TA) (ARNG) AASF McNary Field, Salem, Oregon

66th Theater Aviation Command (ARNG) (see Note 2) Camp Murray/ JB Lewis-McChord, Washington

185th Theater Aviation Brigade (GS) (ARNG) AASF Jackson-Evers International Airport, Hawkins Field, Mississippi

3-135th AVN (TAB) (ARNG) (see Note 3) State Armory, Lebanon, Missouri

1-169th AVN (GSAB) (ARNG) State Armory Enfield, Connecticut

1-171st AVN (GSAB) (ARNG) AASF Dobbins ARB, Georgia

449th Theater Aviation Brigade (ASLT) (ARNG) State Armory Kinston, North Carolina

1-126th AVN (GSAB) (ARNG) AASF Quonset State Airport, North Kingston, Rhode Island

1-106th AVN (AHB) (ARNG) AASF Greater Peoria Regional Airport, Illinois

1-131st AVN (AHB) (ARNG) AASF Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport, Alabama

1-244th AVN (AHB) (ARNG) AASF Hammond Northshore Regional Airport, Louisiana

11th Theater Aviation Command (USARC) (see Note 4) Fort Knox, Kentucky

77th Theater Aviation Brigade (ASLT) (ARNG) Camp Robinson AAF, North Little Rock, Arkansas

2-238th AVN (GSAB) (ARNG) AASF Shelbyville Municipal Airport, Indiana

1-147th AVN (AHB) (ARNG) AASF Dane County Regional Airport-Truax Field, Madison, Wisconsin

1-207th AVN (AHB) (ARNG) AASF Bryant AHP, JB Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska

2-285th AVN (AHB) (ARNG) AASF Papago AHP, Phoenix, Arizona

244th Theater Aviation Brigade (GS) (USARC) JB McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, New Jersey

2-228th AVN (TAB) (USARC) ASF JB McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, New Jersey

5-159th AVN (GSAB) (USARC) ASF Eustis, Felker AAF, JB Langley-Eustis, Virginia

7-158th AVN (GSAB) (USARC) ASF Hood AAF, Fort Hood, Texas

US Army Europe (USAREUR) Campbell Barracks, Heidelberg, Germany

6-52d AVN (TAB) (USARC) JFTB Los Alamitos AAF, California

HHC/6-52d AVN (USARC) JFTB Los Alamitos AAF, California

B(-)/6-52d AVN (TA) (USARC) ASF McCoy AAF, Fort McCoy, Wisconsin

Det. 1 B/6-52d AVN (TA)(USARC) ASF Knox, Godman AAF, Fort Knox, Kentucky

C(-)/6-52d AVN (TA) (USARC) JFTB Los Alamitos AAF, California

Det. 1 C/6-52d AVN (TA)(USARC) ASF Hood, Robert Gray AAF, Fort Hood, Texas

National Guard Bureau

Aviation and Safety Division Army National Guard – Arlington, Virginia

Aviation Depot Maint. Roundout Unit (ADMRU) Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland

1106th TASMG (ARNG) AASF Fresno-Yosemite International Airport, California

1107th TASMG (ARNG) AAFA Springfield-Branson Regional Airport, Missouri

1108th TASMG (ARNG) AASF Gulfport-Biloxi International Airport, Mississippi

1109th TASMG (ARNG) AASF Groton-New London Airport, Connecticut

Eastern ARNG Avn Training Site (EAATS) AASF Weide AAF, Fort Indiantown Gap, Pennsylvania

Western ARNG Avn Training Site (WAATS) AASF Silverbell AHP/Pinal Airpark, Marana, Arizona

High Altitude ARNG Avn Training Site (HAATS) AASF Eagle County Regional Airport, Gypsum, Colorado

Operational Support Airlift Agency (OSAA) Davison AAF, Fort Belvoir, Virginia

Fixed Wing Aviation Training Site (FWATS) AAFA North Central West Virginia Airport, Bridgeport, West Virginia

Operational Support Airlift Command (OSACOM) Davison AAF, Fort Belvoir, Virginia

Fort Belvoir RFC Davison AAF, Fort Belvoir, Virginia

Fort Hood RFC Robert Gray AAF, Fort Hood, Texas

Alaska RFC Bryant AAF, JB Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska

Aviation Directorate US Army Reserve Command (USARC) – Fort Bragg, North Carolina

USAJTD Dobbins ARB, Marietta, Georgia

CSAC/339th MI CO NAS JRB Fort Worth, Texas


1 Supports US Army North (USARNO)/Fifth US Army (FIVEUSA) – Fort Sam Houston, Texas. H/171st AVN (TA) supports brigade with C-23s.

2 Supports US Army Central (ARCENT)/Third US Army (THREEUSA) – Fort McPherson, Georgia.

3 Battalion controls D/126th AVN (TA), A/249th AVN (TA) and I/185th AVN (TA)

4 Supports US Army Pacific (USARPAC) – Fort Shafter, Hawaii