PMDG 777 Global FO Voice Set Out Now

The package, by FS2Crew, adds seven new voices to the PMDG 777, including North America, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Latin America, Italy, Asia and Scandinavia.

The current FS2Crew: PMDG 777 version has also been updated to 2.0 and is free of charge to existing FS2Crew: PMDG 777 customers. The update resolves audio system issues with 7.1 surround systems, adds touch & go functionality and removes the water rudder toggle key command to avoid a conflict with RAAS.

In addition the first officer will now turn off the centre fuel pumps in cruise as necessary, he will no longer set the seatbelts to AUTO at 10,000ft in case of turbulence – releasing the cabin crew is now your responsibility and the PDF manual has been updated.

A €5 discount for any previous FS2Crew owners is available for a limited time.

Click here for more information on the FS2Crew website

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