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Maastricht for X-Plane

Aerosoft has released Maastricht-Aachen Airport, a small international airport, located about 10km north east of the city of Maastricht and about 30km north west of the city of Aachen. It is the second largest hub for cargo flights in the Netherlands. Mainly low-cost-carrier like Ryanair  or German Wings use the airport for passenger flights to holiday destinations in southern Europe.

The Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre (MUAC) of the European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation (EUROCONTROL) is also located at the airport. The Air Traffic Control of the complete upper air space of northern Germany, Benelux and northern France is operated from here.

This rendition of the airport for XPlane was made by XYZ Visuals, the creators of Airport Amsterdam. The airport itself has been faithfully recreated with high resolution aerial images, numerous custom 3D objects and exact ground markings. It also includes an impressive night lightning.


  • Realistic rendition of Maastricht-Aachen Airport
  • Photo real textured buildings
  • Ground layout based on high resolution aerial images
  • Realistic reproduction of ground markings
  • Customized night illumination
  • Very good performance and implementation
  • Animated radar facility
  • Numerous details
  • Animated road traffic
  • Fully compatible with X-Plane 10.51
  • Compatible with XPlane 11 Public Beta

Click here for more information on the Aerosoft website

Madeira Revisited

Madeira X Evolution, by Aerosoft, is a challenge for virtual pilots to prove their landing skills.  Besides the main airport at Funchal, featuring lots of details, the developer has also included the older airport of the archipelago on Porto Santo.

Wind shear right on a cliff line is also possible, there is no instrument landing system due to the steep turn before the final approach.


  • Photo realistic island coverage with custom height mesh
  • Detailed Funchal Madeira Airport (LPMA)
  • Port Santo Airport (LPPS) from the previous version
  • New changes made to the terminal finished in spring 2016
  • Dozens of detailed VFR objects (bridges, wind turbines, plants, people, cars etc.)
  • Animated windsocks
  • Detailed Autogen covering the whole island
  • Dynamic traffic
  • SODE 3D dynamic lead-in lighting (LDIN)
  • AI Traffic compatibility
  • GSX (latest version) and SODE v1.4.2 compatibility
  • Extensive manual and charts
  • FSX, FSX: Steam Edition and Prepar3D version 3 compatible

Click here for the Aerosoft website

Balearic Islands X Evolved

Aerosoft have released Balearic Islands X Evolution,which includes the entire archipelago in one bundle.

All three islands are modelled in detail with current aerial imagery and a resolution of 0.5m/pixel up to 0.25m/pixel on some areas. The airport facilities are up to date as well, and due to the custom autogen, the airports fit nicely into their corresponding islands.

Included are the islands of Ibiza (with Formentera) and Menorca with their international airports (LEIB or LEMH, respectively) as well as Mallorca with Palma Airport (LEPA) and Son Bonet (LESB). They come with highly detailed AFCAD files for AI aircraft and realistic approach procedures for your own approach. The highly detailed jetways are fully animated and can be docked to the aircraft using CTRL-J.


  • Up to date airport facilities (car parks, etc.)
  • Ground shadows with pre-rendered lights (raytracing lights)
  • Up to date Taxiway lines for PP, taxiways, etc. incl. new markings
  • Custom taxiway, runway, and 3D apron lighting
  • Lots of static and animated vehicles, e.g. buses, carts, etc.
  • Grass between taxiways
  • Autogen
  • Complex AFCAD
  • Compatible with AES (Airport Enhancement Services) (FSX only / AES is NOT compatible with FSX: Steam Edition or P3D)

Click here for the Aerosoft website

Turkish Delight

Aerosoft has released Antalya Airport for X-Plane, a popular holiday destination in Turkey.

The airport layout is as it was in 2009 – the ground layout is based on high resolution aerial images, with accurately modelled buildings and facilities. The package includes the Aerosoft static aircraft library, which places aircraft with realistic liveries on the aprons.

The rendering of this airport was done by internal Aerosoft modellers, the conversion to X-Plane was made by Caipirinha.


  • Complete coverage of the airport and surrounding area
  • High resolution (50cm / pixel) day and night textures
  • Photorealistic textures on buildings, vehicles, etc.
  • Customized lightning
  • Customized static aircraft library places realistic aircraft on the parking positions

Click here for the Aerosoft website

Berlin-Tegel Now Available

Aerosoft has released Airport Berlin-Tegel “Otto Lilienthal” for X-Plane.

The package is compatible with X-Plane 10/11 and offers a very accurate and realistic recreation of the airport with detailed models and textures. Optimized to guarantee detailed graphics and performance, the airport makes for a superb flight destination. Animated ground vehicles, animated radar antennas and hangar doors and fire fighters in action create a lifelike rendition of the airport.


  • Summer and winter textures
  • All airport buildings recreated based on original photos
  • High performance due to optimized modelling and texture techniques
  • Baked textures for authentic shadows and light effects
  • Animated approach, runway, navigation and PAPI-lights
  • Tegel unique docking system at the Jetway-Gates
  • Realistic night effects
  • Animated vehicle traffic and static planes at the correct parking positions
  • High resolution photo scenery (50cm/pixel) in the area of the airplane boundaries

Click here for more information on the Aerosoft website

New Tuscan Destination for FSX/P3D

The main airport of the Tuscany region, Pisa X,  is now available for FSX, FSX: Steam Edition and Prepar3D.

The airport was developed for the military in the 1930s, and is still used today by the Aeronautica Militare (Italian Air Force) and is home to 46ª Brigata Aerea Silvio Angelucci (46th Air Brigade). Although the airport serves as an important military hub, it is also one of Italy’s busiest civilian airports, with 4,800,000 passengers in 2015.

Pisa X features a highly accurate representation of the international airport as well as the city of Pisa – including the famous Leaning Tower and other well-known landmarks.  The package includes all buildings and ground elements representative of how they are in real life. The scenery also has a photo real ground image with a resolution of 30cm/pixel covering the entire ground perimeter of the airport and the metropolitan area.


  • Pisa International Airport incl. military section
  • Leaning Tower, Cathedral, Stadium
  • 30cm/pixel photoreal ground imagery
  • 2K textures / 1K optional
  • Baked ambient occlusion
  • Internally modelled terminal and tower
  • Static GA- and military aircraft

Click here for more information on the Aerosoft website

Manchester Out Now

Aerosoft has released this highly detailed expansion for FSX, FSX: Steam Edition and Prepar3D.
The package comes with high resolution satellite imagery and accurate, hand-placed 3D-objects to create a realistic representation of the airport. In addition, AES-Lite is included, simulating airport traffic, along with a configuration tool to enable or disable objects, improve performance or enhance visual detail.  You can choose matching seasonal textures to get the best possible experience at any time of the year.


  • All seasons
  • Billboard coverage
  • 3D grass
  • Static Cars and people
  • Static Ground Service
  • AES-Lite dynamic traffic
  • Custom trees
  • Static Aircraft
  • Scenery Manager
  • Charts

Click here for more information on the Aerosoft website

Bali Released

Bali X, by Aerosoft, is now available for FSX and Prepar3D.

The package is a detailed representation of Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali, and is based on up-to-date aerial imagery with a resolution of 40cm/pixel. The custom airport environment features detailed buildings and surrounding high-resolution textures to convey the true look and feel of Bali.


  • 0.40 m/pixel aerial imagery for the airport and immediate surroundings
  • Custom ground polygons
  • Detailed airport buildings with high resolution textures.
  • Custom objects surrounding area of the airport
  • Static vehicles such as buses, trucks and carts
  • SODE animated jetways (optional)
  • 3D PAPI approach lights
  • AI compatible
  • Manual and Charts

Menorca Evolution

Menorca X Evolution by SimWings completes the rework of the Balearic Islands series!

This popular holiday destination has been completely re-built for FSX and Prepar3D, based on current aerial images at a resolution of 50cm/pixel down to 25cm/pixel in the airport area. In addition, the package comes with realistic AFCAD with updated approach procedures.

The ground markings and lighting has also been updated according to the state of development of Menorca Airport in 2016 with animated jetways, 3D PAPI approach lights and animated wind socks.


  •     Up to date state of development (multi-story car park, etc)
  •     Loads of static objects (buses, carts, etc.)
  •     Up to date AFCAD approaches, based on the AIRAC cycle 1611
  •     Docking jetways (AI aircraft)
  •     Animated traffic on and around the airport
  •     Grass between taxiways
  •     Raytracing Lights and shadows (texture baking)
  •     New ground markings
  •     New taxiway, runway and 3D-approach lights with one-directional beams
  •     Compatible to AES (Airport Enhancement Services)
  •     Airport Charts

Click here for more information on the Aerosoft website