Normandy 1944 Map Update

Eagle Dynamics has revealed details of the upcoming DCS World War II.

Normandy 1944 is the first map in development for DCS World War II series.  Although originally scoped to just include the immediate area around the Normandy landing areas, the product has grown to create a great single player and multiplayer environment.

A portion of southern England has been added, directly opposite of Normandy.  This area includes the RAF airfields of Tangmere, Ford, Chailey, Funtington, and Needs Oar Point. While not at the detail level of Normandy, we believe these airfields will add valuable gameplay options.

Another area DCS is working on is the inclusion of Le Havre city and port and providing all the cities and towns many types of every-day objects to make the urban areas look lived-in. This includes cars, carts, bicycles, tractors, laundry lines, etc.  Along the Normandy coast, the team is also creating the “Atlantic Wall” with coastal batteries and pill boxes.

Other features will include realistic road and rail traffic that includes the option for period trains and auto-generated road traffic. In addition to the map, a very important aspect to create an immersive experience is to have the option to populate it with period air, land, and sea units. Many such units are being created now, and one of these new units includes the AI B-17G bomber.

According to DCS, the Normandy 1944 map is rapidly coming together and will be available soon. To give you a preview and answer questions you might have about the map, DCS will be broadcasting a live stream video of the Normandy 1944 on February 25 .

Please find the details here: Normandy Map 1944 Live Stream

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