Phenom Upgraded

Carenado has released the E50P Phenom 100 Version 2.0 plus a Navigraph extension pack.

Version 2 includes autopilot and G1000 improvements along with new features such as T.O. config, different transponder modes, TOGA button, a ground power unit (GPU) and seat belt/no smoking signs. A weather radar has also been incorporated into the G1000.

Additionally, the flap indicator on the MFD has been fixed, test sounds have been added and several bug fixes have been implemented.

The aircraft is now fully compatible with Prepar3D and FSX: Steam Edition.

The Navigraph extension pack for Phenom is available for a price of $4.95 (£3.80 approx) for 10 days.

Click here for more information on Carenado’s website

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