T-Rudder Mk.IV, Gladiator and Gladiator Pro Pre-Order Launch

VKB Industries and Stratojet Flight Controllers have opened up pre-orders for its new T-Rudder Mk.IV pedals, Gladiator and Gladiator Pro joysticks.

T-Rudder Mk.IV
VKB has refined the T-Rudder pedals, introducing a new design which offers a heel pad to make adjustment easier and provide a more stable platform. ‘Virtual’ toe brakes will also be available via software, allowing users maximum functionality. Pre-Orders are now available through Stratojet (www.gostratojet.com) for $249.99 (£173 approx) in the US. They will soon be available from FSC VKB Europe (www.flightsimcontrols.com).

Gladiator Joystick
The Gladiator is built with heavy-duty internals for precise handling. The Gladiator Pro is the same form factor as the Gladiator, but will include an all-metal next-generation gimbal with changeable cams, and it doesn’t include the twist function. The Gladiator Pro joystick is also available for pre-order from Stratojet (www.gostratojet.com) in the US for $99.99 ()£62 approx.

Both the Gladiator and Gladiator Pro have inputs for VKB rudder pedals allowing the stick and pedals to be seen as a single device by your computer.

A statement from the company explained: “This announcement ends the first phase of expansion of VKB Industries. However, it signals the beginning of an even greater [growth] of VKB’s product line and operations on a global scale. It will take some time, but VKB Industries and its partners are committed to bringing flight-simmers and gamers the best controllers for their favourite titles.”

Click here for more information on the Stratorjet website, the official partner of VKB Industries

Alternatively, click here for VKB Industries website (in Russian)

An English language version of the official VKB website will be coming soon.

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