Citation Mustang P3D Version Now Available

Flight1 Software has released its Citation Mustang for Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D version 2.x and 3.x.

The Mustang, certified to be flown by a single pilot, features state of the art engines delivering speeds of up to 340kts as well as the latest in large-format glass-cockpit flight displays.

The Prepar3D version of the Citation Mustang features Flight One’s custom-made Garmin G1000 flight displays. The package comes with accurate and highly detailed aircraft interior, a popup auxillary panel for managing call out options as well as exterior animations. A robust 2D panel set with multiple views to compliment the 3D interactive cockpit and cabin, as well as, updateable navigation database support via Navigraph.

New Features and New Pricing

With the release of the Prepar3D version of the Cessna Citation Mustang, Flight1 has decided to update the G1000 avionics for both P3D and FSX versions to now include “the banana”, a cyan arc on the G1000 display, to help more easily calculate climb and descent profiles. Another feature they have added to the avionics suite, is the SafeTaxi -like system that shows airport taxiways and runways using data from the P3D/FSX default and addon scenery, which is a popular feature of our King Air B200 aircraft.

Flight1 has also decided to lower the price and set both versions at a low purchase price of $34.95. The move was made so existing customers could add the P3D version to their virtual hangar at minimal cost and allow new customers who have not purchased the product yet for FSX the same a great price for our wonderful aircraft.

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