Number 1 (Fighter) Squadron Association launches its new content 2014 website

Number 1 (Fighter) Squadron Association launches its new content 2014 website, now showing stunning images of the Typhoon Squadrons recent operations.

Number 1 (Fighter) Squadron Assoc launched its in 2011, since then the visitor traffic has been incredibly high and well received for such a niche site, to the extent it is now the only squadron association independently assessed as being in the top 6% of UK websites.

Brand new for 2014, it now features a brand new section called “Operations” which details what the Squadron is doing now with the cutting edge Typhoon, from performing acrobatic displays in Malaysia to joint exercise with the French Air Force (Armée de l’Air) with Mirage 2000Ns.

This new section has been specifically designed to bring the squadron to life and allows the visitor to almost experience “being there”

Number 1 (Fighter) Squadron was formed in 1912 as the original, first and therefore very oldest squadron in the newly formed Royal Flying Corps which also makes it the oldest military squadron in the world. The Squadron has been at the heart of the most Iconic fighter aircraft in the world including the Hurricane, Typhoon, Spitfire, Meteor, Hunter and the unrivalled Jump-Jet the Harrier.

Over the years it has been in dog fights with the Red Baron, fought off invasion in the Battle of Britain, participated in “D” day including Arnhem (A bridge to Far) shot down doodlebugs, helped pioneer the jet age, and was vital in the Falkland’s, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts.

Darin Tudor

Honorary Marketing Manager

Number 1 (Fighter) Squadron Assoc

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