New XpressSim Products Released

Scenery Solutions and Flight1 have added 6 additional products to the XpressSim line. The new products include 3 scenery areas Newfoundland, Canada and 3 new scenery areas for the region near Duluth, Minnesota USA.

  •  Canada: Gander City And CYQX Airport ($4.95) – Includes the city and airport region of Gander, which was an area of important historical significance during 9/11.Canada:
  • St Johns Cityscape ($4.95) – Detailed rendition of the largest city in Newfoundland and Labrador.  Over 31,000 custom buildings and objects.Canada:
  • St Johns International Airport CYYT and Region ($4.95)  – 80km of scenery with over 5600 custom placed buildings surrounding the custom version of CYYT.
  • Duluth Cityscape And KDYT Airport ($4.95) – Entire cityscape for Duluth, Minnesota including important harbor areas.   Scenery includes KDYT airport.
  • Duluth International Airport Region ($4.95) – Includes KDLH airport, with new terminal building and 64km of surrounding detailed airport region.
  • Superior City And KSUW ($3.95) – City of Superior, Wisconsin, which is an important industrial and harbor city.  Also includes KSUW airport.

All XpressSim products are priced between $2.99 and $5.99 each, making them very affordable options for such detailed and unique scenery.  All XpressSim products include custom TexturePhoto terrain with full seasonal support, custom buildings in their real world locations and more !

To find out more about XpressSim products, along with the free scenery areas available for download, please see their support forum or visit the XpressSim page at the Scenery Solutions site.

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