Viggen Unleashed

After several years of development, Leatherneck Simulations have announced the early access release of their DCS: AJS-37 Viggen in the Open Beta DCS 1.5.6.

The AJS-37 Viggen is a double-delta supersonic attack aircraft from the late Cold War. It was the backbone of the Swedish Air Force during the Cold war, serving as the main attack and anti-ship platform. The AJS is the 1990’s upgrade of this 70’s era classic, adding advanced weapons and systems.

The aircraft was designed around the pilot, with an excellent man-machine interface, supporting the pilot through the smart use of autopilot systems, radar and HUD symbology in order to deliver the ordnance onto targets from treetop level with high speed attack runs.The aircraft is armed with multiple weapon systems ranging from programmable stand-off weapons such as the RB-15F anti-ship missile to the BK90 Cluster munitions dispenser to various bombs, rockets and missiles for a wide range of target types. It can also carry gun pods and the Sidewinder series of infrared-guided missiles for air defence and self-protection purposes.


  • Detailed and accurate 6-DOF (Degrees of Freedom) cockpit.
  • Extensive systems modelling:
    • CK37 aircraft computer with navigation data, time on target, and fuel calculation systems.
    • Data input/output interface and pre-planned data cartridge
    • Automatic dead reckoning navigation and terrain contour matching
    • Electrical and hydraulic systems.
    • TILS Tactical Instrument Landing System.
  • Advanced RM-8A jet engine modelling with thrust reverser, compressor surges and stalls.
  • High-resolution air-to-ground radar technology modelling the PS-37/A radar
  • Flight model based on real performance data and documentation.
  • Maritime reconnaissance capabilities to determine position, course and speed of vessels.
  • Programmable weapons such as the RB-15F anti-ship missile with multiple waypoints and the configurable BK-90 “Mjolnir” cluster munitions dispenser.
  • More than 14 weapons and stores such as the command-guided RB-05A and the TV-guided RB-75 “Maverick” missiles.
  • 400+ page flight manual.
  • Interactive & voiced training tutorials.
  • Several campaigns, instant action and single player missions.

DCS: AJS-37 Viggen is available only in Open Beta DCS World 1.5.6 now

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