Japan Airlines Extends Service Support

Embraer has signed an extension of its Flight Hour Pool Program with Japan Airlines for its subsidiary J-AIR’s growing fleet of E170s and E190s.  The agreement, covering the next ten years, comprises more than 300 individual parts and has been designed to minimise the airline’s upfront investment in high-value repairable inventories and resources.  This represents significant savings on repair and inventory carrying costs, a reduction in warehousing space and virtually eliminates the need for repair management resources.

Tetsuya Onuki, President of J-AIR Corporation, explained: “In our operations where reliability is key, Embraer’s pool program gives us an assurance of materials and services support, at any time and at any place, and more importantly at a predictable cost.  Embraer has been a dependable partner over the years and we count on their support as we enter the next phase of the our E170 and E190 operations.”

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