X-Plane 10.50 Beta is Here

The new version is a major release, featuring new city autogen, improved ATC, better AI traffic, additional apt.dat fields, bug fixes and updated global airports.

Version 10.50 introduces new autogen with new US tall building art assets that will make cities look better.

A new revision of the apt.dat file provides information on parking positions so static aircraft models can be placed inside X-Plane, based on the library and rendering settings. X-Plane 10.50 will ship with a number of additional static aircraft models, and third-party developers can add more via the library.

In tjhe upcoming version 1.5 of World Editor (WED), gateway airports will by auto-upgraded to use the new static aircraft.

X-Plane 10.50 uses global NOAA data for winds aloft rather than a US-only data source.

A number of ATC bug fixes improve the rate of arrivals and departures at airports. It has a more realistic estimate of the speed of the AI aircraft, AI aircraft taxi more slowly and tries to err on the side of safety; by giving aircraft bigger margins of safety and avoid go-arounds. Simultaneous parallel-runway operations are now supported for VFR flights.

New manipulators have been added in an effort to make 3-d cockpits more usable, including scroll-wheel support, which are available for third parties to use.

The King-Air and Baron have received significant upgrades, fixing a number of issues and getting them to a new level for IFR flight. These aircraft also use the new manipulators for the 3D cockpits.

Finally, the latest airports from the X-Plane airport gateway will be integrated into the new version.

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