Swiss Bliss

Perfect Flight has released an FSX mission pack for a Swissair Airbus A321.

The pack comes with a full timetable, covering 45 flights to all Swissair destinations operated by the A321. Other features include full flight plans, timed step by step checklists and real procedures although it comes with custom settings for using any aircraft type as well as editing the time, date and season for each mission.

It also features the exclusive PES (Passengers Entertainment System), now fully customizable enabling you to play up to six sound tracks in a single flight.

Airport List used in the Missions:

• Amsterdam

• Barcelona

• Belgrade

• Berlin

• Copenhagen

• Dublin

• Geneva

• Hamburg

• Istanbul

• London

• Madrid

• Moscow

• Nice

• Palma De Mallorca

• Paris

• Porto

• Rome

• St Petersburg

• Thessaloniki

• Valencia

• Wien

• Zurich

Click here for more information on the Perfect Flight website

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