New Airbus Simulator Opens in Prague

FLYAIRBUS.NET has launched an Airbus A320 fixed-base simulator in Prague in the Czech Republic.

The company offers experience flights on an A320 simulator. All systems are fully simulated along with a 180-degree panoramic external view. Departures and landings can be performed at most airports worldwide. In addition, it has detailed third-party scenery for a more authentic flight experience.

FLYAIRBUS.NET provides individual packages with different levels of difficulty, from absolute beginners up to highly experienced simulator pilots. It also offers custom packages, which are fully adapted to the needs of their pilots. They can accommodate up to ten people in the FLYAIRBUS Lounge, with a maximum of 2 people in the cockpit.

Othmar Fetz, passenger from Upper Austria said: ” I am frequent traveller and it was exciting for me to pilot an Airbus A320 in this simulator. From beginning to the end it was an unbelievable experience, which I can recommend to every flight enthusiast.”

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