Helsinki Arrives in X-Plane

FAsimulations has released Helsinki Metropolitan VFR Scenery for X-Plane10.

The package is an extremely detailed rendition of the larger Helsinki metropolitan area covering more than 1544 sq miles (4000sq km) of detailed scenery at a 50cm/pixel resolution in the main area and 1m/pixel resolution in surrounding landscape.

The diverse and beautiful area is filled with cities, towns, villages, lakes, national parks and forests. Thousands of objects have been hand placed on the underlying photo scenery, including buildings, lights and forests. According to the developer, this is one of the most realistic large scale sceneries in the history of X-Plane. The scenery also has custom traffic, replacing the default X-Plane traffic and night lighting, which has been built from scratch.

Other features include two custom-built airfields (EFNU and EFMN) and three “enhanced default airports” (EFHK, EFHF, EFHV). The ‘enhanced default airports’ are built using X-Planes art asset and are aligned with the underlying orthophoto, although they can be replaced with custom airports from TruScenery.


• Detailed forests, over ten forest files used to accurately represent the forests of the scenery

• HDR-night lighting for the whole area

• Custom built traffic – cars follow the roads using realistic speeds.

• Two custom-built airfields (EFNU and EFMN) and the helipad EFHY (rooftop helipad/Meilahti main hospital)

• Three enhanced default airports (EFHK, EFHF and EFHV)

• Custom built OSM-facades for the whole area.

• Realistic coastlines.

• Summer textures for most part of the scenery

• Winter textures will be available later as a free download

• Optimised for high framerates

Click here for more information on FAsimulation’s website

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