A-10 targeted again

USAF re-engages retirement plan

The US Air Force has again forwarded a plan for the retirement of the entire fleet of 283 A-10Cs from FY2016 – phased over four years in parallel with F-35A procurement. Retirements begin with active-duty units in FY2016, concluding with the last AFRC unit in FY2019.

Active-duty units including the 355th FW at Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona, the 23rd Wing at Moody AFB, Georgia, 51st FW at Osan, Korea, and test and training units at Nellis AFB, Nevada, and Eglin AFB, Florida, which would all lose their aircraft with no follow-on mission.

Although the ANG units would receive new missions.

The US Army has said that it is not interested in taking on the A-10 fleet. US Army Secretary John McHugh explained that the Army is struggling itself with reconfiguring its existing aviation assets, let alone taking on something like the A-10. Fixed-wing Close Air Support remains firmly outside the Army remit.

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