Another RAF VC10 Flies into Retirement

An additional Royal Air Force/101 Squadron VC10 K3 made its final flight today, when ZA149 ‘H’ departed from RAF Brize Norton, Oxfordshire, for the final time.

After a flyover at Birmingham International Airport, ZA149 arrived over Bruntingthorpe Airfield, Leicestershire, at 1335 and made two passes before performing a go-around. The VC10 K3 finally landing ten minutes after she had first arrived at the airfield. The aircraft was flown to Bruntingthorpe for scrapping.

A second VC10, the sole remaining airworthy K4, ZD241 ‘N’, is scheduled to follow it to Bruntingthorpe on Wednesday, March 20, to meet the same fate.

This will leave just four of the type still operational with 101 Squadron at Brize, comprising C1K XR808 ‘R’, plus K3s ZA147 ‘F’, ZA148 ‘G’ and ZA150 ‘J’. All are scheduled to be retired by September 2013, the revised official out-of-service date for the type.

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