Bundeswehr takes centre stage at ILA 2012

The German military is out in force for Berlin’s biennial airshow.

Under the heading of ‘Treff Bundeswehr’ (meet the Bundeswehr [German military]) and, as the largest exhibitor at ILA 2012, the Bundeswehr is putting on a display of its capabilities and will use the airshow to promote its image and attract new recruits. Included in the static displays are six fighters, three transporter and tanker aircraft, seven helicopters, an air defence ground-based weapons system, four Unmanned Aircraft Systems and a military hospital container. Visitors will also get a chance to talk to Bundeswehr aircraft crews.

As part of its joint demonstrations, on September 13, 15 and 16, four Tornados, two Eurofighters, two Phantom F-4Fs, a CH-53G, a C-160D Transall and an Airbus A310 MRTT tanker will take to the skies for around 20 minutes in a demonstration of their combined capabilities.

Among the foreign countries present at the show, Poland (the partner country of ILA) will demonstrate a Polish Air Force MIG-29, its own aerobatics display team, Biało-Czerwone Iskry (White and Red Sparks), and its own version of the Sikorsky Black Hawk helicopter. Other static displays will feature an MP-02 Czajka, EM-11 Orka, AT-3, PZL M 28 and C 295 Casa. Exhibitors representing the USA, France, UK, Italy and NATO will also be taking part, bringing aircraft such as an UH-72 Lakota, F-16C Fighting Falcon, Mirage 2000N and E-3A AWACS. Finland provide an aerial display of the F/A-18C Hornet at the weekend.

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