Picture: Five Grizzlys together

All five A400M aircraft have flown together for the first time.

June 7: To celebrate having all five Airbus Military A400M flight test aircraft in Toulouse at the same time, the Airbus Military Flight Test team put in place a special formation flight, after which each aircraft continued its specific flight test activity.

This technical flight of the five Grizzlies, MSN1, 2, 3, 4 and 6, was crewed with Airbus Flight Test teams and no particular manoeuvres or tests were undertaken. Following the formation, the different aircraft continued on their daily activity: MSN1 continued with handling quality tests, MSN2 with air-to-air refuelling wing pods hose stability tests, MSN3 with engine performance tests, MSN4 with pressurisation and oxygen tests and MSN6 with function and reliability tests.

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