Typhoon over France

RAF Typhoons have visited France on the first of a series of exchanges.

March 6: The RAF’s 3 Squadron, based at RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire, recently deployed two Eurofighter Typhoons to the Armée de l’air (French Air Force) base at St Dizier to fly alongside based Dassault Rafales.

Fifteen airmen from Lincolnshire visited Saint-Dizier from March 2 to 5, comprising two pilots, 12 mechanics and a commander.

“This first meeting between 3 Squadron and Escadron 1/7 ‘Provence’ went very smoothly,” said Lt Col Patrice Hugret, commander of the French unit. “We exchanged our impressions on general flying. This allowed us to get better acquainted in a very cordial atmosphere.”

During 2012 the French squadron will make a return visit to RAF Coningsby. These exchanges are part of the recently established framework of military cooperation between France and Britain signed on November 2, 2010 known as the Treaty of Lancaster House.

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