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New Zealand-based Flying Scholarships to be extended?

New Zealand-based Warbirds Over Wanaka Community Trust is considering extending its Flying Scholarships scheme from one to two scholarships. 32 pilots have applied for the inaugural scholarships which are valued at $5,000 each. Warbirds Over Wanaka General Manager, Ed Taylor

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Sculptor Has Designs on BA First Class British Airways’ First Class customer flying from London Heathrow can now see a unique piece of bespoke artwork thanks to the airline’s exclusive in-flight magazine for premium travellers. Terminal Five’s Concorde Room has

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Boeing Custom Hangar offers unique aviation themed furniture

The Boeing Store Custom Hangar has launched its new collection of handcrafted furniture and accessories made out of actual aviation artefacts from Boeing and its heritage companies. Offerings include a bench made from a 727-200 jetliner wing slat; a B-17

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New Flybe service from Munich to Southampton

The UK airline Flybe is now departing daily from Munich to Southampton and Southampton–Munich. Southampton has been identified as an important destination, as it has some 250,000 inhabitants and is just a two-hour drive from London. It is best known

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