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X-Plane 11 on Final

Laminar Research has announced X-Plane 11 is out of beta testing and is now a full official release. The team said it is now working on more improvements and features for the first free update. And this month Laminar Research

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SSG E-170 Evo Updated

Supercritical Simulation Group has updated the Embraer E-170 Evolution to version 1.05. The X-Plane 10 and 11 versions are separate files and it is high recommended it update. X-Plane 10 changes: Tuned fuel consumption Fixed bug issue in the synoptic

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Miami Returns to X-Plane

Nimbus Studios has released a new high definition model of Miami International Airport (KMIA) for X-Plane 10 and 11. KMIA is a major US hub, serving as a gateway between North America, the Caribbean and Latin America. The package from

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X-Plane 11.0 Public Beta Arrives

According to Ben Supnik from Laminar Research: “Anyone can get a beta copy of X-Plane 11. You don’t have to be in our private beta program, you don’t have to have a special beta key, you don’t have to sign

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X-Plane 11 to ship with Navigraph Dataset

According to a statement from Navigraph, X-Plane 11 will be using one single navigational database from Navigraph as the default dataset for scenery, maps, ATC, AI and the GPS/FMS.  If you would like to know more about the structure of

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X-Plane 11 – Small Preview

Austin Meyer has released a short video clip of X-Plane 11 showcasing service vehicles at an airport.

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