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X-Plane 11 on Final

Laminar Research has announced X-Plane 11 is out of beta testing and is now a full official release.

The team said it is now working on more improvements and features for the first free update. And this month Laminar Research is on a mission to get top notch Gateway submissions for the world’s busiest airports, along with regular tips and add-ons.

The latest submissions include:

  • ZGSZ Shenzen Baoan International by artist anthony_d
  • YMML Melbourne by artist pikitanga
  • KJFK John F. Kennedy by artist Connor Russell

KJFK is already shipping with X-Plane 11, but the others will be coming in future updates.

X-Plane 11 features new aircraft, scenery, and 3-D airports.  This new version also incorporates the newest technology available in computing and graphics processing, resulting in breathtaking visual and dynamic effects.

Some of the major features include:

  • New intuitive user interface and control setup
  • Completely overhauled aircraft fleet with detailed documentation, plus multiple new aircraft
  • High-resolution exteriors and detailed 3-D cockpits for many aircraft
  • New global auto-gen scenery with both European and North American details
  • The latest road placement and global scenery from open street map are included
  • Now with over 3000 airports with 3-D buildings & airport scenery
  • Airports are now populated with dynamic, driving service vehicles and static and dynamic aircraft.
  • New rendering engine for enhanced lighting and water effects
  • Updated weather and atmospheric effects
  • Enhanced performance from the modern 64-bit engine

X-Plane 11 is available to purchase through Steam and DVDs will be coming shortly. You can also buy pro-use USB keys and digital downloads.


SSG E-170 Evo Updated

Supercritical Simulation Group has updated the Embraer E-170 Evolution to version 1.05.

The X-Plane 10 and 11 versions are separate files and it is high recommended it update.

X-Plane 10 changes:

  • Tuned fuel consumption
  • Fixed bug issue in the synoptic display
  • Fixed APU bug issue
  • Fixed bug in the AP
  • Auto brake tuned
  • Descent speed at Perf init fixed
  • Removed the TD and TC from the Flight plan in the MCDU.
  • Flight Performance tuned
  • Engine Performance tuned

X-Plane 11 Beta version

  • Replacing .acf file no more needed
  • Fuel flow in XP11 is better tuned especially at IDLE.
  • Tuned fuel consumption
  • Fixed bug issue in the synoptic display
  • Fixed APU bug issue
  • Fixed bug in the AP
  • Fixed issue with Auto Throttle
  • Auto brake tuned
  • Descent speed at Perf init fixed
  • Removed the TD and TC from the Flight plan in the MCDU.
  • Flight Performance tuned
  • Engine Performance tuned

The update is free for all E-170 Evo purchasers.

Click here for more information on x-plane.org

Miami Returns to X-Plane

Nimbus Studios has released a new high definition model of Miami International Airport (KMIA) for X-Plane 10 and 11.

KMIA is a major US hub, serving as a gateway between North America, the Caribbean and Latin America.

The package from Nimbus Studios is an accurate 3d model of Miami Airport and features custom surrounding, HD ground textures and thousands of objects optimized for performance.

Animations include GroundTraffic (plugin by Marginal) with 100 plus custom jetways, cargo areas and 3D terminal interiors.  HDR lighting is also supported providing stunning night lighting.

Charts include SIDs/STARs and instrument approach procedures (IAPs).

Click here for x-plane.org

X-Plane 11.0 Public Beta Arrives

According to Ben Supnik from Laminar Research: “Anyone can get a beta copy of X-Plane 11. You don’t have to be in our private beta program, you don’t have to have a special beta key, you don’t have to sign an NDA. If you want to try the public beta, go ahead.”

Customers who pre-purchased X-Plane 11 can now use the full simulator although a demo version is also available on www.x-plane.com.

Ben continued: “X-Plane 11 is still quite full of bugs. That’s why it is labelled as a public beta and why the release notes list a number of known open bugs.

At this point we are in a situation that is not that different from a regular public beta. If you want to try the new stuff, you can do so, but if you want to get flying, you may need to wait for a later beta. Bug reports can be filed in the bug report form, I’ll post more in the next few days, but for now if you email and don’t hear much back, please bear with us – a major release is like a flood, and everyone’s in-box is buried right now.”


X-Plane 11 to ship with Navigraph Dataset

According to a statement from Navigraph, X-Plane 11 will be using one single navigational database from Navigraph as the default dataset for scenery, maps, ATC, AI and the GPS/FMS.  If you would like to know more about the structure of the new X-Plane data check out Philipp Münzel’s post on the X-Plane developer blog: http://developer.x-plane.com/?article=navdata-in-x-plane-11

“Throughout the development process of the new data format, Laminar Research and Navigraph have been in frequent contact, and we are therefore happy to say that we are supporting X-Plane 11 immediately from launch.  All copies of X-Plane 11 will be installed with a recent default dataset provided by Navigraph.”