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Navigraph to Introduce Jeppesen Charts

In the next version of Navigraph Charts, all chart data will be provided by Jeppesen!

According to Navigraph, the new Jeppesen charts format will add many benefits and enable additional functionality requested by users to the Navigraph Charts software.

First and foremost, the coverage will dramatically increase to 6,784 airports. This is the most comprehensive coverage available.

Secondly, with the Jeppesen chart format we can now offer charts in a darker night mode colour scheme.

Thirdly, since Jeppesen charts are generally geo referenced and true-to-scale, Navigraph will be able to place an overlay (“moving maps”) on top of the charts, aiding situational awareness during a flight.

Charts and NavData from One Source

Navigraph Charts will also contain enroute charts that are dynamically rendered based on Jeppesen NavData. Using Jeppesen as a provider for all data will ensure synchronized information between airport charts, enroute charts, addon data formats, and any other data displayed in Navigraph apps and software. The enroute charts will also, to a great extent, use the symbology of the enhanced SID and STAR chart format. Chart updates will follow the regular 28-day AIRAC cycle.

User Preference
In addition to the user requested features that were technically made available through the Jeppesen chart format, the change to Jeppesen is also based on the results of our user survey where a majority of 2,200 participants reported being the most familiar with Jeppesen charts, and preferring the Jeppesen format among four different chart formats.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Is there a release date?
A: Not yet, but it will be soon. The new apps are in beta testing.

Q: Will these new products affect pricing?
A: The final pricing has not yet been released. We do not anticipate a significant change from the current pricing.

Q: Will you honour my current subscription?
A: Yes, all current Charts and Ultimate subscriptions will be honoured in full also after the release of the new system.

Q: Will we also be able to access the previous chart format?
A: The new apps will only have Jeppesen charts.

Q: Will all charts have night mode versions?
A: Yes.

Q: Jeppesen is in the process of enhancing the SID and STAR charts as per http://www.jeppesen.com/chart-enhancements. Will you provide these?
A: Yes.

Q: Will all charts be geo-referenced?
A: Many charts, but not all. In general, approach charts and ground/taxi charts are geo-referenced. In addition, the enhanced SID and STAR charts (as per above) will also be geo-referenced.

Q: Will you provide both IFR and VFR charts?
A: Currently Navigraph will only provide IFR charts.

Meridian Adds Navigraph Capability

Carenado has released a Navigraph extension pack for the PA46 500TP MERIDIAN.

The product is for the original PA46 500TP MERIDIAN G1000 for FSX and Prepar3D only.  The product comes with the AIRAC cycle 1310 (October 2013) that can be used to load departure procedures (SID) and arrival (STAR) procedures along with RNAV, ILS and VOR, approaches.

If you want to keep your database up to date you will need a subscription with Navigraph: www.navigraph.com

Click here for the Carenado website

X-Plane 11 to ship with Navigraph Dataset

According to a statement from Navigraph, X-Plane 11 will be using one single navigational database from Navigraph as the default dataset for scenery, maps, ATC, AI and the GPS/FMS.  If you would like to know more about the structure of the new X-Plane data check out Philipp Münzel’s post on the X-Plane developer blog: http://developer.x-plane.com/?article=navdata-in-x-plane-11

“Throughout the development process of the new data format, Laminar Research and Navigraph have been in frequent contact, and we are therefore happy to say that we are supporting X-Plane 11 immediately from launch.  All copies of X-Plane 11 will be installed with a recent default dataset provided by Navigraph.”