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Genoa X Out Now

Aerosoft has released Genoa X for FSX and Prepar3D.  The package is a high end scenery of the famous Italian city of Genoa and Sestri Cristoforo Colombo Airport is a build on an artificial peninsula next the large harbour. This

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Milano Revisited

Aerosoft has released Milano-Malpensa X for FSX and Prepar3D. The airport is the second largest in Italy and a major hub for Italian flag-carrier, Alitalia. The package from Aerosoft features seasonal photorealistic textures with a 0.5m/pixel resolution, detailed and authentic

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AIRBUS A318/A319 – Flying by wire

Aerosoft has spent a great deal of time and investment in recreating the A320 family of aircraft for FSX. It has now released its third iteration of Airbus, with a high fidelity rendition of the Airbus A318 and A319 for

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Mega Airport London Heathrow Xtended

If you do any inter-continental travelling, you’re sure to have routed through Heathrow (EGLL) at some point. Although London has five airports in and around the city, Heathrow handles more traffic than all the others put together. With more than

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Lukla Returns

Aerosoft has announced it is working on a new version of Lukla – Mount Everest.

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Garray Out Now

Soria Garray X, by Aerosoft, is the second add-on of the Spanish Airfields series for FSX and Prepar3D. Aeródromo de Garray is a small modern airfield close to the north central city of Soria in Spain and is used for

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Malaga Now Available

Aerosoft has released Malaga X for FSX and Prepar3D. The airport is modelled in detail, including static objects, 3D approach lighting and high resolution AFCAD data. The city and surrounding area is also covered with high resolution 0.5m/pixel satellite images

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Calvi Available for X-Plane

Aerosoft has released Airport Calvi – Sainte Catherine for X-Plane 10. Sainte Catherine Airport (LFKC) on Corsica is embedded in a valley to the south-east of the town of Calvi. The airport has been faithfully recreated with high resolution aerial

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F-14 Extended

The F-14 Extended by Aerosoft has been updated to version 2.02. In the new version adds LANTIRN (Low Altitude Navigation and Targeting Infrared for Night) stability and Selective Jettison switches for the pilot’s seat and RIO (radar intercept officer) has

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Dangerously beatiful

Værøy is a small island in northern Norway, known for its unpredictable weather, long summer days and nights lit by the northern lights during the winter. The airport is nestled at the bottom of a 450m cliff on the northern

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