X-Plane 11 on Final

Laminar Research has announced X-Plane 11 is out of beta testing and is now a full official release.

The team said it is now working on more improvements and features for the first free update. And this month Laminar Research is on a mission to get top notch Gateway submissions for the world’s busiest airports, along with regular tips and add-ons.

The latest submissions include:

  • ZGSZ Shenzen Baoan International by artist anthony_d
  • YMML Melbourne by artist pikitanga
  • KJFK John F. Kennedy by artist Connor Russell

KJFK is already shipping with X-Plane 11, but the others will be coming in future updates.

X-Plane 11 features new aircraft, scenery, and 3-D airports.  This new version also incorporates the newest technology available in computing and graphics processing, resulting in breathtaking visual and dynamic effects.

Some of the major features include:

  • New intuitive user interface and control setup
  • Completely overhauled aircraft fleet with detailed documentation, plus multiple new aircraft
  • High-resolution exteriors and detailed 3-D cockpits for many aircraft
  • New global auto-gen scenery with both European and North American details
  • The latest road placement and global scenery from open street map are included
  • Now with over 3000 airports with 3-D buildings & airport scenery
  • Airports are now populated with dynamic, driving service vehicles and static and dynamic aircraft.
  • New rendering engine for enhanced lighting and water effects
  • Updated weather and atmospheric effects
  • Enhanced performance from the modern 64-bit engine

X-Plane 11 is available to purchase through Steam and DVDs will be coming shortly. You can also buy pro-use USB keys and digital downloads.


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