New Typhoon Takes Flight

Aeroplane Heaven has released the Hawker Typhoon Mk1B for FSX and Prepar3D.

The package brings you the Mk 1B variant with bubble canopy in six HD paint schemes.  The model features selectable rockets, bombs and long-range tanks, gun firing and smoke effects, animated pilot, stereo sound set, numerous special animations and a fully functional, highly accurate virtual cockpit

Exterior model

  • Animations including correct gear retraction, flaps, canopy and radiator flap
  • Castoring tail wheel with scale compressions
  • All-new highly detailed and animated pilot with oxygen mask and animated goggles
  • Options for a variety of load-outs – rockets, bombs or tanks
  • ‘Cold & dark’ start option provided with the OPTIONS panel
  • Correct overpaint of landing lights when rockets are loaded
  • Rocket primers in unfused and fused states
  • Gun flash effects with spent shell casings ejected
  • Realistic engine start using specially coded prop hesitation, smoke and flame
  • Highly detailed model comes with six liveries and a Pro quality paintkit


  • Highly accurate representation of the Mk 1B cockpit
  • Many unique animations including a collimated gunsight, authentic fuel tanks selection and gauge panel
  • Correct start procedures include boost coil and cartridge starter with loud sound effect
  • Beautiful rendered details and special build techniques to provide an ‘immersive’ feel to the cockpit
  • Hidden ‘secret’ navigation equipment can be toggled on to provide VOR and ILS guidance, GPS flightplans etc.
  • Working supercharger control – Moderate and High settings to aid with climb and combat performance

Click here for the Just Flight website

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