TFDi Readies 717 for Update

TFDi Design has introduced a Community Opt-In Beta and for the Boeing 717.

Community Manager for TFDi Design, Joshua Mendoza explained:  “It has been a long month since launch and the feedback from the community has helped us improve the product quite a bit just in the last month. Some of you have been keeping an eye on the changelog and have noticed quite a big update on the horizon. While we would love to roll it out immediately, we are going to take a different approach to this next update. We are introducing the community opt-in beta that will allow you to receive the latest beta version of and subsequent updates.

This build will introduce many features people have been asking for as well as many fixes and new tools.  The first feature I’d like to introduce is the addition of pop-up display unit and MCDU 2D panels. Here is a photo that Collin posted to the forums.

Pop-Up Display Units
We also are adding the ability for you to hide the yoke if you wish. This was another popular feature request from many of you and will be available in the update.  With this newest update, we are introducing new tools for us to help you solve your problems. We are hoping that these tools will allow us to gain a better understanding of certain crashes that are very difficult to impossible to recreate. This will allow us to begin pushing updates that solve some of the edge-case CTDs that some of you are suffering from. We look forward to getting many of you back in the air so we can start focusing on adding more features in future updates!”

Click here for more information on the TFDi Design website

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