X-Plane 11.0 Public Beta Arrives

According to Ben Supnik from Laminar Research: “Anyone can get a beta copy of X-Plane 11. You don’t have to be in our private beta program, you don’t have to have a special beta key, you don’t have to sign an NDA. If you want to try the public beta, go ahead.”

Customers who pre-purchased X-Plane 11 can now use the full simulator although a demo version is also available on www.x-plane.com.

Ben continued: “X-Plane 11 is still quite full of bugs. That’s why it is labelled as a public beta and why the release notes list a number of known open bugs.

At this point we are in a situation that is not that different from a regular public beta. If you want to try the new stuff, you can do so, but if you want to get flying, you may need to wait for a later beta. Bug reports can be filed in the bug report form, I’ll post more in the next few days, but for now if you email and don’t hear much back, please bear with us – a major release is like a flood, and everyone’s in-box is buried right now.”


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