Kodiak for X-Plane 10

The Kokiak Quest G1000, developed by Thranda (Dan Klaue), is now available for X-Plane 10.

The aircraft features a detailed 3D mesh with high resolution textures, chrome and reflective surfaces, a dynamic livery generator, custom lighting with a pulsing landing lights and internal HDR 3D lights.

Special effects include shimmering turbine exhaust gas, animated pilot and copilot figures along with animations such as covers, tie-downs, chocks, a ground power unit (GPU) and electric tug to tow the aircraft.

The detailed instrument panel features a Garmin G1000 with a moving map display (licensed by Carenado) and steam gauge as well as night-lighting, dynamic reflections and Fresnel effects.  A 2D pop-up and X-Plane camera presets are also included.

Other features include a time weight-and-balance manager with options for metric or imperial units and a cargo will affect the performance of the aircraft.  In addition, a failure model can cause the engine to fail when over-torqued resulting in smoke in cockpit and alarm sounds.

A custom stereo plugin features sound effects for oxygen flow, turboprop engines and relative wind intensity, which is affected by the slipstream and angle of attack.  Other audio effects include brake sounds, tug motor sounds individual buttons and switches.

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