New Joystick Range Available

Speed Link has released three new joysticks, the PHANTOM HAWK, AIRROW and BLACK WIDOW.

Speed Link has released the PHANTOM HAWK Flightstick with eight-way panoramic view, integrated throttle controller and twelve freely-assignable buttons.


The AIRROW Flightstick features more than 29 button functions and Hall sensors on the axis.

• Rotatable stick for 3D navigation
• Analog, self-centring stick
• 29 button functions for pro demands
• Eight-way hat switch panning
• Safe-lock trigger protects against accidental firing
• Manual calibration with adjustable dead zone and precision
• Hall sensors with 2,000 resolution levels for the X and Y axes
• Button mode LEDs
• Cable length: 2m


The BLACK WIDOW Flightstick comes with an added throttle controller with side rudder control function, several buttons and controls and Force Vibration.

• Ergonomically designed flight stick with hand rest for right-handed use
• Coolie Hat for an eight-way all-round visibility
• Side rudder control
• Four strong suction pads
• Additional thrust lever with side rudder control
• Eight fire buttons guarantee maximum fire power
• 1.8m cable length

Click here for more information on the Aerosoft website

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