Aviation Art for Sale

Boeing has launched a collection of handcrafted furniture and accessories made from genuine aircraft parts produced on its and predecessor company product lines.  Examples of artefacts available include a bench made from a 727-200 jetliner wing slat; a B-17 Flying Fortress propeller blade, and a sleek drinks bar fashioned out of the engine of a DC-9/MD-80 airliner.

Buyers and craftspeople have scoured aviation boneyards and storage facilities in search of rare components that are then refurbished and mounted using authentic materials such as aviation grade aluminium, steel and titanium.  Despite the scarcity of parts, this is no fantasy collection that is financially out of reach.  Prices range from $50 for a pen made from a 747 circuit-breaker tab, to $19,500 for a F-100 Super Sabre ejection seat.

The artefacts have been grouped under the Custom Hangar collection and are available online through the BoeingStore.com

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