Boeing Unveils its Contender for the USAF T-X Trainer Requirement

BOEING DEFENCE and Space’s much-anticipated unveiling of its contender for the US Air Force’s T-X advanced pilot trainer competition on September 13, at the company’s Eagle and Super Hornet production facility in St Louis, Missouri. 

The aircraft, registration N381TX (c/n 0001), which is officially registered with the FAA as a Model BTX-1, is a clean-sheet design developed in conjunction with Saab of Sweden.

A second aircraft, N382TX (c/n 0002), is also in final assembly.  FAA registrations have also been allocated for a further five:- N791TX (c/n 00003), N792TX (c/n 00004), N793TX (c/n 00005), N794TX (c/n 00006) ans N795TX (c/n 00007).

Boeing’s design is the fourth and final contender for the requirement to be unveiled.  As previously reported in AFM, Northrop Grumman is also offering a clean-sheet design, build by Scaled Composites as its Model 400, which was undergoing taxi tests at Mojave, California, last month.  Lockheed Martin, in conjunction with KAI, is proposing the T-50A, an upgraded version of KAI’s T-50 Golden Eagle.  The final contender is the T-100, a variant of the Leonardo-Alenia Aermacchi M-346 Master, which is being offered by Raytheon, teamed with Honeywell and CAE.

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