Epic Victory Takes Flight

The Epic Victory 2.0 by Aerobask is now available for X-Plane 10.

The Victory is an experimental VLJ (Very Light Jet), designed by Epic Aircraft. It is equipped with a single Pratt & Whitney PW600 powerplant and can carry up to 4 people over 1300 miles with a cruise speed of 250kts.

The aircraft is the first to feature the HD Skyview Touch for X-Plane – a simulated easy-to-use touch screen. The three EFIS displays come with extensive custom logic to replicate the real example with custom maps and a flight management computer (FMS).

Avionics include MVP50 engine information system, two Garmin GNC255 NavComs, a STEC5000 Autopilot, ADL110B weather radar and TCAS with audio alerts. SID/STAR and airways are also supported.

The external 3D model comes with ultra-high resolution 4K textures, ambient occlusion, specular and normal mapping as well as night lightning. More than six paint schemes are also included, although more are available at www.aerobask.com.

The 3D virtual cockpit is fully functional and animated with a panoramic windshield with reflections, rain and icing effects. The aircraft also comes with custom 3D sounds for the engine, gear, flaps, door and audio callouts.

The package features dynamic menus for setting options such as fuel and weight management or connecting a ground power unit (GPU).

Documentation includes a Victory general manual, an Aerobask Skyview manual along with checklists, normal operating procedures and an online flight planning tutorial.

When you purchase the Epic Victory, you also get the experimental Akoya seaplane from Lisa Aircraft.

Click here for more information on x-plane.org

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