Embraer Evolution

Supercritical Simulation Group (SSG) has released the E-Jet E-170 Evolution for X-Plane 10.

The package features a high-resolution 3D model with more than ten detailed liveries as well as animations such as wing flex, window rain effects, external lights/strobes and animated wipers. It also comes with ground service vehicles including a tow truck, ground power unit (GPU) and air stairs.

The 3D cockpit comes with high resolution textures and many systems are implemented with realistic logic, including the electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, engine fire extinguishing, fuel, wing and engine anti-ice (with automatic mode), communications, TCAS and autobrakes with an anti-skid system that works in all conditions and includes a realistic rejected take-off mode. The PFD and MFD feature system synoptics, and an EICAS messages based on the real aircraft.

The custom-built FMC, by FJCC, is designed for the SSG Evolution Series and comes with SIDs, STARs, transitions, approaches, flare and rollout modes. It is compatible with AeroSoft’s NavDataPro and Navigraph navigation databases and includes Embraer performance data, including calculated V-speeds.

Other features include custom radios and audio consoles optimized for on-line virtual ATC operations, terrain display mode on the MFD, which is a part of the Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS). The autopilot includes modes similar to those of the real aircraft.

The flight model has been made in close consultation with E-Jet pilots and meets the real aircraft’s performance data for fuel consumption, AOA, speeds and flight dynamics.

The package comes with the DreamEngine Sound System along with a comprehensive Quick Start Guide and a video tutorial.

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