Royal Australian Air Force’s First PC-21 Flown

PILATUS AIRCRAFT successfully completed the maiden flight of the first Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) PC-21 from Stans-Buochs Airfield, Switzerland, on July 21.

As previously reported in AFM, the aircraft, A54-001/HB-HWA (c/n 234), had made its first ground run on July 18.

Under Project AIR 5428, the PC-21 will replace the RAAF’s current PC-9/A and CT-4B aircraft. Signature of a contract for 49 of the new aircraft with Lockheed Martin was announced on December 8 last year. This first PC-21 will be handed over to the Royal Australian Air Force at RAAF Base East Sale, Victoria, in June 2017 after completion of testing and verification work in both Switzerland and Australia.

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