New Version of Active Sky Out Now

HiFi has released two new titles, Active Sky 2016 (AS16) and Active Sky Cloud Art (ASCA).

AS16 is the culmination of 16-years of weather engine development. New features include in-cloud motion effects, weather scenarios, airborne weather radar, Prepar3D v3 visibility smoothing and volumetric fog. Navigraph data integration is also supported.

The package improves all aspects of weather simulation and depiction from data parsing to synthesis, interpolation and better performance for a more realistic weather experience.

A fully-functional 7-day trial is available along with an upgrade discount for licensed users of ASE, AS2012 or ASN.

ASCA is a new graphics expansion for FSX and Prepar3D, which incorporates a new technology to increase cloud variation and dynamics. It enables features such as real-time texture dynamics, allowing you to manually or automatically change textures multiple times during a flight without restarting the simulator. In addition, it dynamically simultaneous cloud variations with up to eight different texture sets (128 cloud textures total) as well as providing increased performance for overcast layers.

ASCA’s graphical content includes replacements textures for cirrus, cumulus, stratus, thunderstorms, sky colours and lighting. New 3D cloud structures enhance nearly every aspect of cloud scenes. Thunderstorms are bigger, overcast conditions have been improved and light humilis-type clouds are more visually appealing.

From solid overcast, to towering cumulonimbus, everything was designed for the best visual effects with a minimal impact on performance, creating realistic and unique variations of real-world cloud types such as stratus, nimbostratus, altocumulus, altostratus, cumulus humilis, cumulus mediocris, cumulus congestus, towering cumulus, stratocumulus, cirrostratus, cirrocumulus, cumulonimbus incus and cumulonimbus calvus.

ASCA and AS16 are designed to work together, but are also compatible with any other graphics and weather add-ons.

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