New Line of Yokes Announced

Aircraft Controls Engineering (ACE) have released its first desktop yoke for the Boeing 737.

One of the key features of the yoke is a “snap and lock” technology, for full interchangeability. This means that the handle can be changed depending on what aircraft you fly.

The yokes are a 1:1 solid metal replica of each yoke handle using highly accurate and spike-free POTS, fully functional and programmable buttons and switches, all for a special, introductory price of $399. Prices will increase to $450 from August this year.

The company is planning to release additional products in two phases over the course of this year.

Phase 1
Boeing 737 (released)
Boeing 747
Boeing 757/767
Boeing 777
Bombardier CRJ

Phase 2
Bombardier Dash 8
Boeing 787 Dreamliner

• Approx. 80 Degree Turn replicated within Yokes (many desktop yokes only limited to 45 degree)
• Full metal and Aluminium casting
• Aluminium Yoke Handle
• Realistic tension loading providing realistic feedback
• Screen-Printed lettering on Yoke
• Upgraded generic clipboard to realistic Boeing 737-NG Clipboard for reading charts
• Trim switch based on the 737
• Two 737 NG push to talk (mic button)
• 737 Autopilot Disconnect button
• Button inputs can be assigned within the flight simulation assignments
• Not susceptible to drift requiring re-calibration
• Full Speed USB HID compliant device. Works with USB 2.0 compliant system
• 12-Bits resolution (4096 steps)
• Hardware calibration support
• Axis trim and dead zone settings
• User adjustable digital filtering algorithm support
• Firmware updates via USB
• Column colour matched to 737 palette and powder coated
• Upgraded potentiometers to even higher quality 5 million duty cycle pots

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