Cloudmaster Arrives in Mac OS X

The PMDG DC-6B Cloudmaster Base Package for X-Plane 10 is now available for Mac OS X.

The OS X version is sold as a separate product for either Windows or for Mac.

The PMDG DC-6 Cloudmaster Base Package features an accurate cockpit, a realistic flight and engine model, including auto-leaning, caged throttles, complex engine starting, full propeller control, highly accurate simulations of the electrical, fuel and hydraulic systems, accurately displayed flight and engine performance data along with detailed manuals.

The package has been tested with X-Plane 10.45 for Mac OS X. Compatibility with different X-Plane versions will be updated as they are made available, and may require software updates depending upon changes made by Laminar Research.

Click here for more information on PMDG’s website

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