NavDataPro Charts Out Now

Aerosoft has announced that NavDataPro Charts is now available.

NavDataPro Charts compliments NavDataPro from Aerosoft, which updates the nav database in the flight management system (FMS). With the new offering, Aerosoft offers access to-up-to-date airport and enroute charts.

The charts are supplied by Lufthansa Systems and are used in real-world aviation by more than 180 airlines worldwide and are updated automatically on a monthly basis when a user logs on. The package also features a desktop client with a user interface to select, view and print charts.

A Quick Flight menu can be used to enter a departure, destination and alternate airport for a quick access to the airport charts. A kneeboard feature can also be used during a flight, to have all needed charts easily available. Coverage also includes high and low enroute charts.

The program is compatible with all Windows systems as well as MacOS and Linux.

• Online access to up to date airport charts as well as to high and low enroute charts
• View, zoom, pan and rotate a chart
• Airport list with search filter by ICAO code, IATA code and name
• Add any airport to your favourite list and display charts
• Quick Flight for quick access to the relevant airport charts
• Kneeboard mode, add unlimited charts for your next flight into the stack view and browse them without switching the menu
• Search and display all LIDO enroute charts including overview
• Airport information with current weather

Subscriptions and Pricing:
One-year access (366 days) – €55,99 (€47,05 ex VAT)
One-month access (31 days) – €7,99 (€6,71 ex VAT)
One-day access (free access through June 30, 2016) – €2,99 (€2,51 ex VAT)
NavDataPro Bundle, one-year access charts and FMS Data (13 cycles), available from July 2016 – €69,99 (€58,82 ex VAT)

*Note: Prices are shown with German VAT (19%) and may vary depending on your local VAT (if applicable).

An iPhone app is also available with the following features:
• Interactive map, which displays airports information such as METAR data, elevation and runway length
• VATSIM showing which service is currently online
• Chart Display View with a preview of charts with fast chart switching and quick “Add to Kneeboard” button
• ChartAirServer to display the Chart you currently view on your iOS device on your (via WiFi connected)

Download the app at:

Click here for more information on the Aerosoft website

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