Sky Force 3D Announced

REX Simulations has revealed details of its next major product release, Sky Force 3D.

The company has spent two years redesigning an entire cloud model system for FSX, FSX: Steam Edition and Prepar3D, adding close to 1,400 cloud models and textures using real-world classification.

Cloud representation automatically updates without user interaction, making the flying experience more realistic and enjoyable. New types include Altocumulus, Stratocumulus, Cumulus, Cumulus mediocris, Cumulus congestus, Cumulonimbus calvus, Stratus, Nimbostratus, Altostratus and Cirrus.

Thunderstorm will be synchronised with current METAR reports in real time and supercells will have their own weather severity level. These include the complete structure such as wall, funnel, shelf, rain shaft and tornado – reaching up to 75,000ft.

Full overcast conditions will also be vastly improved with no gaps at any level.

Sub-cloud types will also be display from existing cloud types. For example, supercell clouds can contain high or low precipitation, making them large or standard.

Environment sounds will be synchronised with hail sounds, which will mostly appear within supercells and severe weather conditions. In the event that a tornado warning is in effect, you will hear realistic tornado sirens in the distance, and only while on the ground at the airport.

All cloud types can automatically be injected in real-time during a flight. From fair weather to extreme meteorological conditions, this process will be seamlessly and dynamically achieved according to current METAR reports.

REX has also included 1000s of textures for sky colouring, suns, effects, moon and lightning with more realistic fog. Sun atmospheric rendering effects will be noticeable through the virtual cockpit. A HDR versions will be available for Prepar3D.

Sky Force 3D will be fully compatible with the new REX/MilvizWX Advantage Weather Radar system as well as all payware and freeware weather engines, including the built in weather within FSX, FSX: Steam Edition and Prepar3D. It is due to be released later this year.


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