New PFD for X-Plane 10

Crosscheck Software has released a PFD (Primary Flight Display) Android app for X-Plane 10.4 and above.

X-Plane Primary Flight Display quickly and easily turns your Android phone or tablet into a PFD, allowing you to make real-time adjustments via a touchscreen interface.

– Simple to use, just start it and it automatically connects
– Displays altitude, attitude, IAS, TAS, GS, heading, track, wind, altimeter setting, and flight director
– Set heading, speed and altitude bugs by tapping or dragging.
– Magnetic and true heading/track.
– Three different wind displays, switch between them with the touch of a finger.
– Toggle and adjust NAV and COM frequencies
– Altimeter setting in hPa or inHg
– No plugin necessary

Available now at

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