FTX: Central Updated

ORBX has released a new version of FTX: Central, enabling all regions to work seamlessly without the need to use hybrid mode.

The new version includes a unified lclookup.bgl and supporting core files that will remove the need to switch worldwide regions in FTX Central, allowing all Orbx FTX Regions and FTX Global working seamlessly together.

To receive the new changes, FTX: Central needs to update the installed Orbx regions and airports. The updated Orbxlibs contains all the necessary files for the migration, although due to the extra files, the download is 1.25GB. The update can also be performed via FTX Central as the file delivery has been streamlined to handle the larger file sizes.

Once the new version of FTX Central is installed it will handle the migration process automatically.

The migration process will take several minutes and various windows will open. Once migrated, FTX: Central will look different. Firstly, it will run through some checks to check for migration status as well as ensure lclookup is active. You will also notice that on the left you will no longer see a Group as “Active” or the familiar “Apply Group” button on the right.

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