Cloudmaster Takes Flight

After two years in development, the PMDG Douglas DC-6 Cloudmaster is now available for X-Plane 10.

The aircraft has been accurately recreated using detailed 3-view drawings of the real example and painted in detail with high resolution photo-real textures. It also features with a fully interactive virtual cockpit with high definition photo-real textures.

The package comes with several plug-ins including a Ramp Manager for displaying external objects such as tow bar & tractor, wheel chocks, pitot covers, engine oil pans and mechanic stands. It can also be used to quick setup the aircraft for Cold & Dark, Ready for Start and Ready for Taxi configurations. A Fuel and Loadout Manager can be used to fuel the aircraft’s 8 fuel tanks, as well as loading passengers and cargo.

Other features include Artificial Flight Engineer to assist you through various phases of flight and a Maintenance Manager will allow you to keep track of and manage the engine’s health such as propeller hours, oil quantities and water/alcohol, auxiliary oil and anti-ice fluids. The realism settings such as engine damage, realistic start, carb icing, and circuit breaker failures can also be adjusted.

The animated parts on the DC-6 have been faithfully reproduced to match their operation with the actual aircraft. The aircraft sports realistically animated gear, gear doors, flaps, cowl flaps, fuel dump chutes, passenger/cargo doors, as well as main and front cabin exit stairs.

The Pratt & Whitney R-2800 Double Wasp CB-16 engines have been accurately modelled, including realistic engine start, variable carb icing, realistic CHT behaviour, oil temperature heat-up and cool-down rates, oil consumption, oil pressure, water injection detonation suppressant, a realistic auto-mixture system correcting for air density and high/low supercharger modes with corresponding effects on critical manifold pressure. An optional failure model is also included with wear and tear.

The DC-6’s systems were reproduced to match the operation of the real aircraft including de-icing, electrical, engines, fuel, hydraulic, oil, pressurization, propellers and water Injection. The electrical bus system includes realistic amp draw and voltage, as well as battery drain and charging. The flight model has been tested and given the thumbs up by several type rated pilots who are current on type.

A custom sound set has been made for individual switches, levers, knobs and aural warning sounds – recorded from an actual DC-6.

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