Falcon Takes Off

Wilco Publishing has released its second HiFi Simulations series title, the Falcon 7X for FSX, FSX: Steam Edition and Prepar3D.

The Falcon 7X from Wilco has been developed in partnership with Dassault Aviation, using detailed plans and direct access to the real aircraft. It comes with 10 liveries along with a paint kit to create custom artwork. Both the interior and exterior have rendered in detail with individual rivets and screws modelled in 3D. The control surfaces are fully-animated including the flaps, spoilers and trim tabs wing as well as wing flex and oleo compression on the landing gear. The doors and hatches can be operated to reveal interior details and engine bays. Similarly, ground equipment such as perimeter cones, wheel chocks, pre-flight flags, engine, cockpit covers and a fully modelled GPU (Ground Power Unit) have been included.

The technologically advanced avionics are based on the all-glass integrated Dassault EASy I flight deck. The 3D cockpit comes with 2D popup windows for the major instrument panels and a functional Head Up Display (HUD) interactive electronic checklists and TCAS (Traffic & Collision Avoidance System). All placards are reproduced in pin-sharp clarity and almost every switch, knob and lever is operational, enabling ‘Cold & Dark’ startups. The package also comes with high quality digital stereo sounds recorded directly from the real aircraft.

The flight dynamics hare based on real-world data, including engine performance and the hydraulic, pneumatic, electric systems have been modelled. A working RAT (Ram Air Turbine), which can be deployed on engine failure has also been included.

Note: The complexity of some procedures and/or equipment functionalities may have been reduced to suit beginners and medium skilled simmers.

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