Cherokee Lands in X-Plane

vFyteAir has released a Piper 140 Cherokee for X-Plane 10.

The aircraft comes in two versions, the 140 Cherokee Original, modelled after the real machine with the tail number of N3466K and the 140 Cherokee Classic, a PA28-140 with IFR capability. It includes six high resolution liveries, exterior HDR lighting and rain/ice texture on the windows. The custom sounds are recorded from a real Cherokee for the engine, flaps, clicks for toggle/rocker switches, hand brake sound and more.

The package includes a plugin, which models engine start-up/shutdown procedures for cold and hot starts. It is also possible to disable gauges on the upper-left portion of the instrument panel or pop circuit breakers to practice emergency procedures.

Other features include a pop-up menu to select camera views and control elements such as wheel fairings (this increases the drag co-efficient by 3%), operating the doors, adding/removing the copilot or to operate ground equipment. The package is also XChecklist-compatible and a checklist file is available as a download at

The Cherokee 140 “Original” version is almost a replica of the real example with a few minor differences. It is a basic training aircraft, equipped for VFR day and night flight. There is no GPS, or autopilot.

The Cherokee 140 “Classic” is based on the same airframe and engine as the original version but has an upgraded instrument panel for IFR flights. It comes with two NavCom’s, the X-Plane G430 GPS, a STEC 55x autopilot and an ADF receiver enabling its pilots to perform autopilot assisted ILS approaches.

Click here for more information on the 140 Cherokee Original

Click here for more information on the Cherokee 140 “Classic

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