Aerosoft Relaunches Zurich

Airport Zurich V2.0 for X-Plane 10 is now available as a download.

The package from Aerosoft recreates Zurich Airport as it is today with the buildings matching the state of the airport facilities as of the end of 2015, including Terminal 2, which was recently rebuilt, and new entrances to Terminals 1 and 2.

Buildings and objects are modelled in 3D and come in photorealistic detail with some rendered with high-resolution 2K textures. A multitude of animations have been recreated such as radar systems, windsocks and airport traffic.

Other features include new transparent boarding bridges with glass sides at every gate and parking positions (including spaces for the Airbus A380). The ground layout has also been made from scratch based on high-resolution aerial images with accurate taxiway/runway signs and lighting along with updated nav data.

And thanks to baked textures in combination with X-Plane’s HDR rendering, Airport Zurich will shine at night.

Despite the number of features and complexity, great attention has been paid to performance and Aerosoft claims it will achieve ‘good frame rates’.


• Static Emirates Airbus A380 parked at Gate E67

• Enhanced Apron P with additional parking positions

• Jet engine test site with large noise absorption hall

• Photo realistic 0,5m/pixel ground textures

• All buildings and airport facilities are included

• High speed taxiways

• Night effects with baked HDR textures

• Animated radar systems and wind hoses

• Animated vehicle traffic at and around the airport

• Traffic routes with ground traffic signage

• Animated de-icing trucks east of Terminal E

• VFR Helper

• Gates A44, A47, A48, A49, A55 with animated jetways (AutoGate required)

• Manual in English/German with up-to-date charts

System requirements:

Operating System: Windows Vista / Windows 7 / 8 / 10, Mac, Linux

X-Plane 10.40 – North America Edition / X-Plane Steam Version

CPU: 3 GHz or faster multicore processor


Hard drive space: 2.7GB

Graphics card: 3D with at least 2GB (4GB or higher is recommended)

Download size: 400 MB / Install size 1 GB

Click here for more information on the Aerosoft website

Existing owners of the former Airport Zurich are entitled to a 50% discount (approximately).

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