Huge Update for EU England

Orbx has revealed details of the upcoming Service Pack 5 for FTX EU England.

According to a statement on the Orbx website, the developers have noted requests from users to add key landmarks including:

• Exclusion of trees for the District Lake District

• Saint Michael Mount

• Lincoln Cathedral

• Cranwell RAF Academy

• Wembley Stadium

• Brunel Royal Albert bridge

• Breedon Hill Church with Union Jack on the top

• Bredon Hill Folly

• Runcorn Chemical works – change to heavy industry

• Runcorn Silver Jubilee bridge

• Ely Cathedral

• Saint Michael de Rupe Church, Brentor

• The Needles and lighthouse

• Missing islands in Windermere lake

• ICAO code for EGDG changed to EGHQ

• Exclusion of trees from Runway 27 at EGBN

• Exclusion of trees for Runway 07/25 at EGLK and Runway 06 at EGLF

• Former World War Two airfield RAF Harrowbeer at Yelverton, Devon

In addition, the company has included additional areas of Channels Islands such as Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney, Sark, Les Minquiers and the Chausey Islands (France).

New features

• Town and castle of Saint Helier, Jersey

• Harbour of Jersey

• Jersey (EGJJ) control tower

• Lighthouse La Corbiere

• Lighthouse Noirmont

• Bunker La Corbiere

• Elisabeth Castle

• Fort Saint-Aubin

• Brecqhou Castle, Sark

New airports for FTX EU England include Alderney (EGJA), Guernsey (EGJB), Jersey (EGJJ), fictionnal Brecqhou Castle Helipads (EGJS and fictional Ultra Light Airfield of Jersey(EGJZ).

The service pack is currently in beta testing, the release date will be announced later.

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