ATCPro Updated

Flag Mountain Software and Aerius Designs have released a new major update for ATCPro.

The package simulates the TRACON environment of air traffic control where aircraft are monitored on radar and guided to their destinations within 30 miles of major airports in the US.

It has been in development for over 2 years by a team of software experts, aviation professionals, enthusiasts and real air traffic controllers with more than 30 years professional experience.


• Aircraft flight dynamics are more realistic

• General aviation sub-system redesigned

• Entirely new user-defined weather system

• New flight schedule database based on actual live flight data from January 2016

• Command read-back functions have been revised to eliminate choppiness in the speech

• General aviation flight plans – various tweaks and adjustments to avoid impinging on restricted airspace

• New Keyboard Command: IC – IFR Clearance. This command must be typed, there are no buttons for it.

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